Oh Let’s Go Back to the Start…

I remember… how it all started with innocent flirting on our college graduation trip to Mexico. High school flirting like dunking me in the pool and realizing how ticklish I am. I still remember the first night we were there, we ended up sharing the pull out sofa together and we stayed up laughing at everything and nothing. I was amazed at how easily I could be myself around you. You even walked outside to the bar to get me a cup of water at 2 in the morning just because I was thirsty.

I remember… how fickle I was about you at first. When you gave me too much attention it was too easy and I was bored but when I had to fight for your attention it annoyed me. But everything about the way you acted was intriguing and kept me on my toes and I secretly loved it all.

I remember… our first kiss. We were sitting at the table with another friend who in his drunkeness decided to call us out on the sexual tension between us. It had been four days of flirting and he was right. He walked away and I still remember right before we kissed my stomach started doing little flips in anticipation. And when we did kiss, it was amazing; more amazing then i could have ever imagined.

I remember… how we couldn’t stop kissing after that. We ended up on one of the pool lounge chairs, making out like teenagers while the hotel employees were trying to clean up for the night but we were lost in our own world.

I remember… how we argued even back then. You have a tendency of saying the wrongs things and I have a tendency of being too emotional. Even our first week knowing each other we would fight, the way couples do. No, thats probably not normal, but nothing about us ever was.

I remember… how I convinced myself that you were completely wrong for me and I had no interest in dating you once we got home. But when you failed to ask me for my number when we said goodbye, you managed to spark my interest.

I remember… how one year ago, it all started with a hello and a smile as you sat in the back of the SUV on the way to the airport. I never could have planned how much impact you would have on my life and emotions over the next year.. and to think it all started with a little innocent flirting…


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