My Boys

I was suppose to go out tonight but I got tired of waiting for my friends and decided I’d rather continue watching the My Boys marathon on TBS and stay in. Let me just say, I freakin love this show. Maybe I find it so fascinating because I don’t really have that many guy friends. I’ve always just had more girlfriends. Actually, correction, I do have guy friends but they are almost all gay, or at least very in touch with their feminine side. I guess I’m quite the girly girl. I love my pop culture gossip, chick lit, chick flicks, manicures and shopping. Haha, see with a list like that I guess its obvious why I get along better with females and the gays. However, I also enjoy sporting events (however, I can’t handle full out sports debate), mosh pits, playing tennis, working out… I mean, its not like I can’t relate to guys at all. Its just usually if I find a guy I connect with it turns out to be romantic but anyways…

I have a date tomorrow with the guy from work, M. Here’s why I am so cautious of this situation. He dated a girl for 6 months, got engaged, they lived together for about 4 months and now they are done. And I mean it ended very recently, within the last month. This is red flag #1. Next, we work very closely together. It’s not like we are in different departments, we interact on a daily basis. So, if the shit hits the fan (which with my track record is what will most likely happen) then it could make for a very awkward work situation. However, it is just one date and he just asked me so cutely. AND he wanted to cook me dinner. Oh, AND he makes me laugh… so I felt like I had to at least go and see what happens. I’m nervous.. but also excited.


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One response to “My Boys

  1. Rachel

    Good luck on your date!

    I’ve always tried to catch My Boys, but it’s never on when I look. I’ll need to try harder.

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