Because the Best Therapy is Retail

I feel like my thoughts are just all over the place lately.. and especially today.  I feel like I have so much I could write about yet I just can’t focus on one topic long enough to write about it.  I definitely have some boy drama going on but not anything worth talking about… or rather, I don’t feel like talking about it right now. 

So lets forget silly boys and can we talk shopping?  K thanks.

Top left is a BCBG dress that looks super cute on!  Dare I say… better than the model even?!  Wow, that may be the first and last time you ever here me say that.  But I got more in the boob area going on and I love blonde hair with dark colors because of the contrast.  I can’t wait to wear it! I’m thinking maybe black sheer tights.. red jewelry/shoes if I wear for Christmas..  yes, can’t wait!  And the jumper on the right is Candies and I originally tried it on to possibly wear for work but I think maybe it’s too short.  However, I loved how it looked on and in the winter w/ tights and mary jane type shoes, oh I think it’d be so cute. 🙂

I spent all day in the city yesterday with Cubie.  We went to lunch, shopped (of course) – hit up the 3 story Forever 21 and H & M (cute clothes for the broke girl).  The other shirt and vest are from Forever.

Totally had a near death experience yesterday.  Cubie insisted on crossing the street even though we were getting the hand, NOT the little walk man.  All the sudden a taxi comes flying out of nowhere and i swear if I had stepped forward one second sooner.. I would have been one squished Little Miss.  Actually, when I thought about what had happened a little later, I got kind of scared, I mean, that was cutting it a LITTLE too close for comfort.  However, this still finished second to my plane ride near death experience.  Well, Work Spouse doesn’t think that the plane experience should even be considered near death, HOWEVER, if I truly believed in my head that I was about to die then uh, I call that a near death experience.

Here’s what happened: Now, mind you, I fly quite frequently.. I went to college in SC and I live in NJ.  I went back and forth quite a bit.  I used to be a very nervous flying, jumping at every noise and shake.  But eventually, I got use to all the different noises of the plane.  It was May and I was flying home from my old roomate’s college graduation.  There were storms covering the whole east coast so it made for a very bumpy ride.  We FINALLY begin our decent into the Atlantic City area and the plane is just swirving back and forth.. back and forth.. back and forth – this feeling I have never felt before.  I go into panic mode. 

“This is not normal!” I thought.. “Omg, this is it.  We’re going to crash… omg, I’m going to die on Mother’s Day… My poor mother! Oh god, this is terrible.” 

I grab a hold of the arm rests and feel like I might have my very first panic attack.  I don’t know what else to do so I start taking deep deep breathes and close my eyes.  At this point, I don’t care if the person next to me thinks I’m a whackjob.  No one on the plane is talking, it is silent and eery.  I feel like the pilot does not have any control of the plane and we are just being take for a ride by the wind.  Just swaying back and forth, making my stomache do flip flops.  Finally, I look out the window and see we are getting really close to finally landing.  I start calming down but I know I won’t really relax until we touch down.  And we finally do.  I finally stop clenching the arm rests and my whole body starts shaking.  Everyone around me starts talking about how scary/nauseating the experience was. 

I mean, maybe I was never really in danger but still, in my mind- I thought I was a dead woman.  So clearly, it counts as a near death experience, right? 😉


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One response to “Because the Best Therapy is Retail

  1. kkt8

    I believe that actually does count as near-death. All that matters is you have to feel near-death. It’s the fear that makes the experience matter, from what I can tell! Have a great day!

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