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I really wish this was going to be a fun post about how excited I am for vacation. 

Unfortunately… that is not the case.

My mom is in the hospital and needs to have triple bypass surgery.  I am a mess.  I am scared. 

She still wants me to go on vaca but I don’t know what to do.  We don’t know yet what day they are doing surgery.

My head is pounding, I’m nauseous and I can’t think so I think I’m gonna stop here and try to nap.



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I found my old blog today from two years ago (which had a whopping four entries in it).  I was 21 and in my Senior year of college.  I really wanted to share this one entry because it still rings very true two years later.

November 6, 2006

I think Cosmo was thinking of me when they wrote this article about the stresses of life as a 20-something. Let me begin by saying, I enjoy being 21. I do. Some of my friends freak out and think we are old already but I don’t like to look at it that way. I think this is a wonderful age and I plan on enjoying it to the fullest extent. We are still living off our parents a little like when we were in high school but now they have a lot less control of us. We’re legally allowed to drink, none of us are married yet and we still have plenty of time to play. I have the best friends and I like that I am still young enough to be a little irresponsible. I can stay out late, all night if I want, and it’s okay. Your only young once and there’s no reason to hurry up the whole growing up process.

All that considered, I do agree that the 20’s are definitely a very confusing and stressful time. I only have a vague direction in life right now. People ask us all the time where we see ourselves in 5 years.. the truth is I have no idea. I couldn’t even tell you where I”ll be in ONE year. I might be in Grad School or I might have a full time job in NYC. I really don’t know. It excites me and terrifies me all at the same time. I think thats what your 20’s are all about. They’re about finding yourself and sometimes that means winding up in unexpected places doing things you never considered.

Back to COSMO.. Heres the 5 turmoils of being a 20-something in this day and age from the article..

#1 “I have no idea what my calling is.”
Sometimes I feel alone in this one. Most of my friends know what they want to be. Actually its the same for almost all of them, teachers. But that’s not me, I don’t want to be a teacher. Maybe it’s trickier for me because I chose a field (marketing) not really a profession. I mean, you don’t get a degree in teaching and then really have to think too hard about what your going to do with that. You basically just have to decide what grade and/or what subject. Marketing is a little more broad, you can market anything for all different types of companies. But I’m scared I’ll never find a job I’m passionate about. That’s really important to me. I want to love my job, maybe not my first job, but the job I settle into. So I definitely understand this statement but I guess thats what your 20’s are for. Exploring your options and figuring out what it is that makes you happy.

#2 “I’ve never been in a long term relationship.”
Oh god, don’t even get me started on this one. I am single, and so are a bunch of my girlfriends. At 21 years old it is VERY difficult to meet nice guys who want a relationship. But sometimes you can’t help but think there’s something wrong with yourself. The truth is the dating scene is different now than it was for our parents. Growing up we always heard of people meeting their future spouses in college. Nowadays, your lucky to find a boy who even wants to spend the money to take you out on one lousy date. Its sad but true. College is now all about the casual no strings attached hookup relationships. For girls looking for a relationship and love, it just really sucks. And yes I know there are exceptions to every rule, some girls luck out and find boyfriends but that usually happens the first couple weeks of freshman year.

#3 “How long will I be emotionally dependent on my parents?”
I thought this one didn’t really apply to me until I read the blurb about it. I call my parents for everything, I’ll admit it. I call my mom when I need advice on school, internships, life decisions. I call dad when anything goes wrong with my car, computer or anything else electronic. Well I guess I can thank Cosmo for pointing out something I didn’t stress about before but now I might have to add to the list.

#4 “Paying the bills keeps me in a constant state of panic.”
I don’t pay my own bills yet. But I’m sure this one isn’t too far away..

#5 “Am I ever going to have the life of a real adult.”
I don’t really have this issue… I’m in no rush to be a real adult.. 🙂


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Poppin My Cherry… Meds

So I’m about to pop my cherry friends… my online dating cherry that is!  I have no idea what to expect.  Honestly, I’ve never been on a blindish type date… ever.  The only dates I’ve gone on have been with guys who were already my friend or coworker or guys I’ve met in a bar and spent all night talking to.  So basically, I’ve never headed into a date not knowing if there would be any type of connection.  But I also don’t really have too many expectations for this adventure except to meet some new people and learn more about what I do and do NOT want in a boyfriend.  But really, I’m getting ahead of myself because I won’t really be getting into this until after my cruise (which I leave for in 9 days) woot woot.  Ha yea, I really just woot wooted, forgive me.

So I know some of you guys have done the online dating thing and I want stories/tips/advice/anything!  What have you learned?  Funny stories?  Bigtime fails?  Success stories?  

**Like I said I won’t be really getting into the online dating thing until after my vaca so this got me thinking that maybeee some of you fantastic readers would like to share YOUR online dating experiences with me before I go… in the form of a guest post?  Do ya, do ya?  If you do, e-mail me at or leave a comment.  Or if you want to do a guest post but not about online dating thats cool too!  Don’t be shy!! xo** 

In other news, I am SICK – ugh.  Tonsils- swollen, red.. gross.  I’ll spare you all the details but it sucks.  I hate the doctor but there was no escaping a trip this time – I knew I needed some drugs.  So I left work a little early and headed to the dreaded doc.

As the doctor prepared to write me a prescription she asked, “Do you have any preferences of medicine?”

Sheepishly, “Um, actually, can I have liquid?  I can’t really swallow pills…”

“Oh! Um, sure..”  starts doing math on her paper, carry the one, multiply two, divide by four… what the hell is she doing over there?

“Sorry, I just have to figure out what the dosage would be and how many bottles it will take..” Clearly, it’s not every day a 23 year old girl insists on taking liquid antibiotics.

So, I leave with my prescription and head to CVS.  I’m paying for the drugs cherry flavored antibiotics when the pharmacist pulls out two choices for taking the medicine.

“Okay so, we have this:

which is really probably the best but then there is also this:

so, how old is the child who is taking this medicine?”

“Oh, um.. ha… well, it’s actually… for me…”


“But I”ll take the spoon, thanks.”

Only me.  🙂


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Ah, College Life

On Saturday night, I found myself in a college city whose school had just won a big football game.  So all the college kids were out to play and somehow my friends and I ended up at a typical college bar.  I couldn’t help but notice that in college it is definitely much more acceptable to make out smack dab in the middle of the bar.  Not even in a corner but right at the bar or maybe right in the middle of the walkway or of course the dance floor, hell even on line for the bathroom.  Now, I am not one to judge, I have on an occasion or two been known to make out in the middle of a bar but again, I’m pretty sure I haven’t done that since college.  Wait… that’s a lie, well the point is it seemed more acceptable.

But really one of my favorite events of the night was witnessing the following: I was on line for the bathroom and the DJ had a little booth set up right next to it.  Earlier in the night my friends and I had noticed he was really cute.  So I’m standing in line and I see a girl approach him and start talking to him.  I look away and when I look back I notice his hand in now cupping her butt and I think “wow, did they just meet or did he already know her?”  So I’m standing there contemplating this oh so important question when I decide to look away before people notice and think I’m some kind of creeper.

BUT of course I end up turning around once more to check out the sitch and they are making out hardcore and I just had to laugh, thinking “I wonder if this is what he does every night he works?”  Oh but it got better. The best part was when they stopped sucking face and the girl turns around – her face looked like a little kid on Christmas.  She was smiling from ear to ear, glowing, eyes bright and so happy and oh so excited.  She then plays it cool and goes back to her friends RUNS back to her friends RUNS, no SKIPS.. girlfriend was SKIPPING back to her group of friends going “OMG!”  At that moment I wondered what the hell I was doing at this bar, am I at a frat party?  This IS a bar isn’t it?  Was that her first kiss?  Why did she run, was it a dare?  No really why am I here?  Wait, whatever, I actually loved every second of watching that.  Aw college, I miss ya!

Anyways, I spent most of the night talking to this guy who was rocking a helmet… he was a very interesting fella, ha obviously, i mean he was rocking a helmet.  Lots of fun characters out and it ended up being a really fun night.  I may or may not have almost passed out in the convenience store next to the bar, standing up in an aisle, laying my head on a shelf.  Lately when I’m out and I get tired, I just want to go to bed RIGHT THEN!  My friends just laugh at me and its not even about being really drunk, just really tired!  I’m gettin old. heh

Oh yea and during the day on Saturday I was thinking that I wish I had a boy to go pumpkin picking with.  Then, I realized eff it, I don’t need a boy, I can go with a girlfriend.  So Molly and I went and had a really great time.  It was such a GORGEOUS Fall day and the place we went was really nice.  You had to take a hayride to the pumpkin patch and then they also had this corn maze there which took us AT LEAST 30 minutes to find our way out of heh.  Anyways, I brought along my cam so here are a few pics from the day, isn’t it just so pretty?


Hope everyone had a great weekend! xo


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Tidbits, Take Two!

I enjoyed writing and reading the comments to my first Tidbits post so much that I decided I needed to do another.  So here we go, Tidbits… Take two:

  •  I always make sure to have a glass of ice water next to my bed every single night.  I have been doing this for as long as I can remember.
  • When I was growing up my passion was figure skating.  In fact, I think that skating just might have been my first great love.
  • I have two OCD like car superstitions.  One, do not let me catch you leaving one of my seats down!  My ex boyfriend in high school once told me it was bad luck and ever since I am crazy with it.  Second, going through yellow lights I kiss my hand and touch the ceiling for good luck. (I just read tonight that apparently it is supposed to bring you good sex? lol I must be racking up vouchers for the future or something because I haven’t been getting much lately!) 
  • I want a love like Jim & Pam (okay so they are fictional characters but still, it’s what I want!)
  • I say I want to meet a nice boy but when I look back on my choices, I never seem to give them a chance. 
  • I love cuddling and kissing a lot.  I consider them hobbies.
  • I have a hard time really opening up to people.  Even on here, sometimes I feel like I am holding back…  I want to change that. 
  • Some of my favorite movies include Swingers, When Harry Met Sally, Garden State and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
  • I went through a phase in high school where I was obsessed with Heath Ledger.  For an entire summer I watched 10 Things I Hate About You before I went to bed… every single night… I’m not even exaggerating.

Your turn to share a tidbit or two friends… don’t be shy! 🙂


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The One Where I Throw Shoes and Make Other Equally Bad Decisions

It’s story time bloggy buddies.  Ben put together a fun little contest to share our best hangover stories.  I’m sure most people’s stories include the physical agony but mine is more about the awkwardness that comes when you get drunk and make bad decisions with your coworkers on a Thursday night (aka when you need to see them the very NEXT day). 

Every year, my company hosts a sales conference and one night in particular is a big vendor event that turns into a party afterwards.  It has actually been referred to as the Spring Break of the company (oh and btw most of the employees are people who are straight out of college).  So during the event, we get drink tickets and I happily used mine on some wine.  The thing about wine is it goes directly to my head.  I’m talking after one glass I feel a little buzz already.  So I have a couple glasses of wine and when the event ends at 9pm I’m feeling real good.  But the night is just starting, thats when people move to the bar in the hotel.  Now, there are a couple characters in this story.  At the time, I had been casually seeing my coworker, M.  Then there is Briefcase Boy (he brings in a briefcase everyday with only his lunch in it, so yea that sums him up).  Now BB in the preceding weeks had been dropping hints that he had a crush on me but I wasn’t interested at all.  Lastly there is Work Spouse

So I’m hanging out with my team and work friends at the bar when M buys me a drink (Stoli Vanilla and Ginger Ale).  Then BB buys me another one (hey, who am I to turn down a drink).  The drunker I get, the more I start flirting with M and he asks if I feel like going out to his car for a few minutes…

“Well, I’m having fun with everyone and I’m really not about to go hook up in your car so…”

“Nah, let’s just go cuddle for a few.”

Apparently, it wasn’t very hard to convince me but I made it clear we would only be cuddling (ok maybe kissing too).  So we go to M’s SUV and he puts down the seats.  We lay down and I’m wondering why I even am there since things were pretty much done with M and he really didn’t treat me the best.  Also I was texting The Ex and he was upsetting me and making me hate all boys (including the one laying next to me)  Also, I was flippin drunk at this point.  He noticed I was upset…

“What’s the matter?” He asked.


“Who are you texting?  What’s the matter?”

“It’s nothing!”

“Just tell me.. I lovee youu (slurred).. come on, tell me.. I looove youu..”

“What? Shut up!”

“What? I lovvveeeee youuuu” more slurration

“Why are you saying that?! No, you don’t!”

We were kinda sorta dating for like a month and a half and he was always very hot and cold with it.  He did not love me, he barely even knew me THAT well.  I want to hear those words but not out of some drunk boys mouth who does not even mean it.  I had to get out of there.

I spring up and say “I’m leaving, where are my shoes?”

I start rummaging through all the junk in his car looking for my flip flops when I come across another girl’s shoes…

“These are.. GIRLS shoes?!”

“Oh yea.. um… yea, those?  Well, those… those are my sisters…”

“Ha, are these your ex fiance’s?  You DO still see her don’t you?  These are not your sisters..”

“Yes, they are, they are my sisters”

“YOU ARE SUCH A LIAR!! Everytime you lie you use the sister excuse… you barely ever see your sisters!! Ugh, just admit they are you ex’s!!!!!”

“What? They are my sisters!”  He was a horrible liar.

“God, you are such a fucking liar!”  Sidenote: I dated a pathological liar and also lived with one in college.  I have a VERY sore spot for lying.

I held the shoe in my hand.  It was a plaid flat with a buckle.  And all the sudden I just chucked it right at him across the car. 

“What the hell are you doing?”

“Find my shoe, I’m leaving..”  I find the match to the fiance’s shoe and decide I need to throw that one too.  I stumble out of the car and go back inside while he drives home furious.

But the night does not end there.  I go back to the bar and now have to deal with BB creepily sneaking up behind me and whispering things such as “Don’t you want to take a chance?” “What!?” “Don’t you want to take a chance on me?” Blank stare .  “What, you only like bad boys?  I can be bad.”  Okay, I’ve got to go. 

So I decide to meet up with WS.  I really don’t know what comes over me but I cannot stop flirting my little butt off with him.  Long story short and bad decision later, we end up making out, something he always said he wouldn’t want to do while we were still working together.  Oops.

Eventually, at 3am or so I find my way back to my friends and our room.  I fill in Cubie on the shoe throwing incident and we go to bed. 

Four extremely short hours later, it was time to get up and get ready for work.  I thought I was going to die.  I was so tired, so nauseous and barely even functioning.  Cubie practically had to rip me out of the bed.  There was no showering, I was lucky I was even keeping my eyes open.  So finally we make it to work and as I’m walking towards the entrance I look over and who is walking towards the entrance at the exact same time? Yea, M.  Shit.  Shit.  What do I do?  I decide I need to assess the damage.


He gives me a half smirk which I had no idea how to read.

“So, uh you still mad at me?”

“Do you really even have to ask?”  Well, this is going to be a fun day. 

I walk inside, head towards my cube and pass WS.  I wave and decide I am going to pretend like nothing happened.  Things were fine until he decides to ask 10 million questions “Do you regret it?  Do you hate me now?  Are we okay?”  Oh boy.

Next, an awkward IM exchange with BB where he apologized for being so drunk and obnoxious.  

I sit at my desk and try to piece together the whole exchange with M.  Most people forget the end of their night but I like to be different and forget the very middle.  I remembered throwing the shoes.  I knew I threw them because I was mad he lied to me but so much was fuzzy.  It was awhile before I remembered the “I love you” part.  I decide to apologize in which he responds by asking me not to speak to him for at least a week.  Ouch, but what do I care, he’s a liar anyway. (P.S. he did eventually admit they were the ex-fiance’s like one week later)

So next year, I’m planning on keeping all shoes in check and NOT making out with any coworkers, not even one. 

Learn from my mistakes and don’t be a jonze.


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As If!

It’s almost 1pm and I’ve barely even gotten out of bed today :).  Clueless is on right now – I still love this movie.  When I watch it now, I realize all the jokes that went totally over my head when I used to watch it when I was young (I must have been 10 or 11 the first time I saw it).  One of the best lines of the movie:

Amber: “Ms. Stoeger, my plastic surgeon doesn’t want me to do any activity where balls fly at my nose.”
Dionne: “Well, there goes your social life.”

Ha, think I missed that one when I was younger.  Also, missed a lot of the drug references and when they smoke a joint at the party in the valley I’m pretty sure I thought it was a ciggarette. 

This movie started so many trends – my favorite was knee highs! I loved wearing knee highs and I thought I was so cool when I did, heh.  I remember my outfit for the first day of sixth grade was black knee highs with a jean skirt and this mock turtle neck gray striped short sleeve shirt and I thought I was just the cutest thing ever and just like Cher.  It’s a little embarassing to admit but my friends and I definitely adopted the Clueless slang too – especially using “whatever” and “as if” as much as possible.

Interesting fact:  Stacy Dash, the actress who played Dione was almost 30 when she made this movie!  She was almost 30 playing a 16 yr old girl, that is crazy. 

I had a friend who didn’t see this movie until she was in college and then she was a little underwhelmed by it.  She was totally weirded out by the fact that Cher ends up with her ex step brother.  I admit it’s a little weird but it seems like they were only step brother and step sister for a short time.  They aren’t related, it doesn’t seem like they grew up together either.  So I don’t know, it doesn’t really bother me but she couldn’t get over it.  I also think part of the reason I love the movie so much is because it reminds me of being a silly 12 year old wearing knee highs and saying as if and thinking it was the coolest thing ever.

Anyways, I think it’s finally time to get out of bed and get moving.  I’m going to my friend’s house for her birthday dinner and then I have a party at another friends house.  The Ex will be there but hopefully there will be no drama, no tears, no throwing shoes.

Have a good weekend bloggy buddies!! xo


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