Ah, College Life

On Saturday night, I found myself in a college city whose school had just won a big football game.  So all the college kids were out to play and somehow my friends and I ended up at a typical college bar.  I couldn’t help but notice that in college it is definitely much more acceptable to make out smack dab in the middle of the bar.  Not even in a corner but right at the bar or maybe right in the middle of the walkway or of course the dance floor, hell even on line for the bathroom.  Now, I am not one to judge, I have on an occasion or two been known to make out in the middle of a bar but again, I’m pretty sure I haven’t done that since college.  Wait… that’s a lie, well the point is it seemed more acceptable.

But really one of my favorite events of the night was witnessing the following: I was on line for the bathroom and the DJ had a little booth set up right next to it.  Earlier in the night my friends and I had noticed he was really cute.  So I’m standing in line and I see a girl approach him and start talking to him.  I look away and when I look back I notice his hand in now cupping her butt and I think “wow, did they just meet or did he already know her?”  So I’m standing there contemplating this oh so important question when I decide to look away before people notice and think I’m some kind of creeper.

BUT of course I end up turning around once more to check out the sitch and they are making out hardcore and I just had to laugh, thinking “I wonder if this is what he does every night he works?”  Oh but it got better. The best part was when they stopped sucking face and the girl turns around – her face looked like a little kid on Christmas.  She was smiling from ear to ear, glowing, eyes bright and so happy and oh so excited.  She then plays it cool and goes back to her friends RUNS back to her friends RUNS, no SKIPS.. girlfriend was SKIPPING back to her group of friends going “OMG!”  At that moment I wondered what the hell I was doing at this bar, am I at a frat party?  This IS a bar isn’t it?  Was that her first kiss?  Why did she run, was it a dare?  No really why am I here?  Wait, whatever, I actually loved every second of watching that.  Aw college, I miss ya!

Anyways, I spent most of the night talking to this guy who was rocking a helmet… he was a very interesting fella, ha obviously, i mean he was rocking a helmet.  Lots of fun characters out and it ended up being a really fun night.  I may or may not have almost passed out in the convenience store next to the bar, standing up in an aisle, laying my head on a shelf.  Lately when I’m out and I get tired, I just want to go to bed RIGHT THEN!  My friends just laugh at me and its not even about being really drunk, just really tired!  I’m gettin old. heh

Oh yea and during the day on Saturday I was thinking that I wish I had a boy to go pumpkin picking with.  Then, I realized eff it, I don’t need a boy, I can go with a girlfriend.  So Molly and I went and had a really great time.  It was such a GORGEOUS Fall day and the place we went was really nice.  You had to take a hayride to the pumpkin patch and then they also had this corn maze there which took us AT LEAST 30 minutes to find our way out of heh.  Anyways, I brought along my cam so here are a few pics from the day, isn’t it just so pretty?


Hope everyone had a great weekend! xo



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5 responses to “Ah, College Life

  1. The pics are beautiful and I am gald you had fun both at the bar and pumpkin picking…it’s always a trip to go back in time and see how things were back in the day….

  2. laylou

    Heading back to college… there’s something I haven’t done in awhile! I remember the days where I would make out with someone in the middle of the dance floor or bar, ignoring what everyone else thought of me. Ha.

    I miss college sometimes myself.

    As for pumpking picking, I need to get and carve one! Thanks for the reminder and trip down memory lane.

  3. Your pictures are amazing and it’s always entertaining to watch the college scene nowadays. I can’t believe she skipped. Who does that?

  4. LOL – getting older’s a bitch, ain’t it? 😉

  5. Oh, and, hey, if I were anywhere near ‘ya, I’d totally go get pumkins. Check my post from last October to see my mad carving skillz…

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