Poppin My Cherry… Meds

So I’m about to pop my cherry friends… my online dating cherry that is!  I have no idea what to expect.  Honestly, I’ve never been on a blindish type date… ever.  The only dates I’ve gone on have been with guys who were already my friend or coworker or guys I’ve met in a bar and spent all night talking to.  So basically, I’ve never headed into a date not knowing if there would be any type of connection.  But I also don’t really have too many expectations for this adventure except to meet some new people and learn more about what I do and do NOT want in a boyfriend.  But really, I’m getting ahead of myself because I won’t really be getting into this until after my cruise (which I leave for in 9 days) woot woot.  Ha yea, I really just woot wooted, forgive me.

So I know some of you guys have done the online dating thing and I want stories/tips/advice/anything!  What have you learned?  Funny stories?  Bigtime fails?  Success stories?  

**Like I said I won’t be really getting into the online dating thing until after my vaca so this got me thinking that maybeee some of you fantastic readers would like to share YOUR online dating experiences with me before I go… in the form of a guest post?  Do ya, do ya?  If you do, e-mail me at littlemiss.obsessive@live.com or leave a comment.  Or if you want to do a guest post but not about online dating thats cool too!  Don’t be shy!! xo** 

In other news, I am SICK – ugh.  Tonsils- swollen, red.. gross.  I’ll spare you all the details but it sucks.  I hate the doctor but there was no escaping a trip this time – I knew I needed some drugs.  So I left work a little early and headed to the dreaded doc.

As the doctor prepared to write me a prescription she asked, “Do you have any preferences of medicine?”

Sheepishly, “Um, actually, can I have liquid?  I can’t really swallow pills…”

“Oh! Um, sure..”  starts doing math on her paper, carry the one, multiply two, divide by four… what the hell is she doing over there?

“Sorry, I just have to figure out what the dosage would be and how many bottles it will take..” Clearly, it’s not every day a 23 year old girl insists on taking liquid antibiotics.

So, I leave with my prescription and head to CVS.  I’m paying for the drugs cherry flavored antibiotics when the pharmacist pulls out two choices for taking the medicine.

“Okay so, we have this:

which is really probably the best but then there is also this:

so, how old is the child who is taking this medicine?”

“Oh, um.. ha… well, it’s actually… for me…”


“But I”ll take the spoon, thanks.”

Only me.  🙂



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13 responses to “Poppin My Cherry… Meds

  1. Haha I would totally choose the spoon too. It’s much more fun that way. 🙂

  2. Oh yeah, I don’t have any online dating stories, but I can do a guest blog if you want!

  3. ztoastedmarshmallow

    So no online dating stories… But I wanted to comment on the spoon. I love the spoon. One of my favorite childhood memories involves those spoons for taking my medicines… I used to think they looked like alligators with the little feet to hold it level on the counter… Anyway, also wanted to let you know you’re not the only 23 year old who takes liquid meds… My friend (and really it’s my friend and not me) takes liquids something to do with her vegan lifestyle I think, but none the less she gets the bottles of liquid too!

  4. Krys

    You’re awesome and that medicine used to make me so excited to get sick when I was a little girl!!

  5. laylou

    I have a few online dating stories that are pretty awesome… not sure if I’m worthy of a guest post though =)

    Hope you feel better soon! I’m battling the sick-bug myself.


  6. We used to have the bottom one, but it was shaped like an aligator. Good times. I had a friend who used to have to get liquid for all her medications… even birth control.

    Online dating… where do I began. Well… I met my husband online, for one (but you can see where that has gone http://www.adivorcestory.wordpress.com ). I also met a long string of one-night stands online. I have had several friends meet their husbands online too. Just be safe and smart. And for God’s sake, if you see red flags… on fire… in the dark… Run like hell.

    Good luck!

  7. Hope you feel better soon!

  8. ahhh the online dating world. my experience with it hasn’t been bad. i mean, i haven’t met “the one,” but it hasn’t been awful. there are some definite kooks out there (like the guy who calls himself my “humble suitor?”), but it’s fun. good luck!!

    feel better soooooon!

  9. Matt

    Make sure when you meet a guy, the first time is somewhere public.


  10. I’m coughing and hacking right along with you, my friend. As for dating adventures… get an AIM account and we’ll chat sometime. Or just read all my old posts on the matter!

  11. I am sorry you are sick 😦 and I hope you feel better soon…I have an online success story for you if you’re interested..I just e-mailed you!

  12. Oh my gosh I totally remember those little spoon dispensers for cough medicine. I still might need them too.

  13. I did the online dating thing, so akward! Never for me, never!
    P.S. nice spoon 🙂

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