From Online to All Mine

Well, as you all know – I didn’t actually make it on my vacation.  However, I had three very lovely ladies write guest posts for me and they deserve to be published!  This first guest post is brought to you by the very lovely and sweet Princess Extraordinaire from Persona of a Princess.  I happen to think it is an amazing story and I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did.

There are many things synonymous with dating, but in early 1995 the internet was not one of them…at least not to me. Ironically enough I was practically living on the computer as I was frantically writing what would later become my first published book on women’s health issues. It was only for research and references that I sought the internet for assistance. Never did I think I would find a date, let alone love online.

I began to dabble in *chat* rooms after I became sober – and even then I went in without expectations. At that time the tales and woes of online chat rooms were far and few between so I looked at it as just another opportunity to give and get the support I was seeking. Over the period of about three months I became friendly with another individual and soon we began taking our conversation to private IM’s as opposed to the public forum. Within a short time we came to regard one another as friends who seemed to share a mutual understanding. Never did he make any gestures or inferences to indicate he was looking for anything but friendship. It was only after another six months passed that we actually exchanged phone numbers. By that time I knew that he was a divorced father of two living and working in Southern California. I knew his general background and interests as well as a few, more intimate details of his journey to, and through, sobriety. After talking with him via computer for 6 months and phone for 2 of those I began to feel a more-then-platonic connection. By then I had become used to our casual banter and was put at ease by his soft yet masculine voice. What is wild is that we never exchanged photos. It seems odd but neither one of us thought particularly much of it as we were too busy getting to know one another. Looking back I can honestly say that I began to fall in love with him through our communication – nothing more. It was love in the purest form as when the time came for us to meet in person I had no expectations and no issue with that.

While talking late into the night, he kidded that he would fly up to meet me the next morning. I lived in San Francisco and he in Orange County. I surprised him when, all kidding aside, I told him to come. He booked the next flight up. Waiting for him to come off the jet way was surreal. There I was waiting to meet a man I was deeply in love with yet I had no idea what, or who, to look for. We intentionally decided not to exchange pictures as we wanted to genuinely surprise one another. And I swear this to be true till the day I die that I knew exactly who he was when he disembarked. He looked up and smiled at me and something beyond explanation drew me him and only after we embraced did I dare to exhale. He stayed the weekend. Thereafter he flew up every other weekend and flew me down on the opposite ones. Three months later he proposed and one year later we got married.

On October 25th we celebrated out 12th wedding anniversary. Next year we’ll celebrate our 13th and 19th sobriety anniversaries, respectively.



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3 responses to “From Online to All Mine

  1. hello goosebumps… I’m covered in them after reading this story (in the best way of course)! To me, this story is a testament to what love is really all about: friendship, faith, trust and growth. Congratulations to Princess and her Prince on the upcoming 13th anniversary and of course the 19th year of sobriety. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Wow…what a lovely story.

  3. Omg! That is an amazing story! It gave me tingles =].

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