Meant To Be Bloggy BFF’s…

This final guest post comes from another one of my very favorite bloggers – Ashley!  She’s just starting out on her online dating adventures too.. oh I think we should add that to the list!

Hi, everyone. This is Ashley from Turquoise Ribbons and I’m filling in for Little Miss Obsessive today while she’s away on vacation. Don’t you wish you were on vacation? Yeah, me too. I could really use a vacation right now. School has been in full swing for a couple months and there is no break in sight for weeks. I get two days off for Thanksgiving, but I’m not going anywhere fun. I’ll probably make myself a turkey dinner in the microwave or something. So classy.

Anyway, we’re getting off topic here.

So, you know how Little Miss Obsessive (LMO, duh!) shares her Tidbits, well I thought I would do my own little spin on it. Even though we are new bloggy friends, we still have a lot in common. Also, I just wanted to show you how LMO and I are meant to be BFFs.

For example:

LMO always makes sure to have a glass of ice water next to her bed every single night. I always have a glass of water next to my bed as well. Is this a weird sign of something? I hope not or we may be in trouble…

When LMO was growing up her passion was figure skating. When I was growing up my passion was ballet. Pretty similar, no?

LMO has OCD obsessions. I have many OCD obsessions as well. There are way too many to list, but believe me. OCD? I haz it.

LMO wants a love like Jim & Pam. I don’t know much about Jim and Pam, but I want a love- preferably one that meets all of these criteria.

LMO says she has not given nice boys a chance. Ditto. What is wrong with us? And nice boys? I’m ready for you! Please don’t all be married already!

LMO loves cuddling and kissing a lot. I’m such a cuddler it’s insane.

LMO has a hard time really opening up to people. I used to have the same problem, but being able to share my thoughts and feelings on my blog has really helped me open up.

One of LMO’s favorite movies is When Harry Met Sally. Although I didn’t see this movie until I was a freshman in college (I know, I know, how is that even possible??) it now has a permanent place on my All Time Favorites list.

LMO was obsessed with Heath Ledger. I was obsessed with Heath Ledger. How can you not be obsessed with Heath. All that hotness and the Aussie accent? *Sigh*

Now if those nine facts don’t mean we are meant to be friends then I don’t know what does. And freaders, I’m sure you have lots in common with us as well. Feel free to share. We can all be friends!



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6 responses to “Meant To Be Bloggy BFF’s…

  1. It’s official, I will have to be friends with Ashley too!
    When Harry Met Sally: I can recite 90% of that movie.
    Ballet- I danced until I was 14.
    Heath Ledger: I still can’t watch 10 Things I Hate About you without crying.
    Dating: I never liked the nice boys. Until now. Nice boys can have an edge to them too.

    I’m adding Ashley to my blog roll! 🙂

  2. I’ve actually never seen When Harry Met Sally– I know… ridiculous.

  3. e.

    I have a lot of these things in common too. Plus, how could you not love Heath Ledger? That should be a given 😉

  4. The thought of NOT having a big glass of water next to my bed every night completely wigs me out.

  5. Laylou- yay! Let’s be friends!

    Maxie- It’s on TV all the time! Or maybe you can rent it? You must watch it ASAP!

    e- oh I know! Such a good movie!

    Peter- glad to know we aren’t the only ones 😉

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