Tidbit Tuesday & Bloggy Love

Yay!  The very lovely Me Being Random passed this little bloggy award onto me!  She is a sweetheart and if you aren’t reading her blog you need to head over there and check it out!

Superior Scribbler


So here are rules:

1. Post the award on your blog.
2. Link me for giving it to you.
3. Link the originating post here.
4. Pass the award on to five more deserving people.
5. Post these rules for your recipients.

I really hate only being able to pass it onto 5 other bloggers – I have so many favorites out there! But I suppose rules are rules so   d r u m r o l l   p l e a s e e e e …

Walking Through the Rain

Turquoise Ribbons

Everyday Adventures of Me in the City

The (Single) Geekhiker

Persona of a Princess

I love each of these blogs and I’m so happy to pass on this little blog award to them. 🙂

*     *     *     *     *


I’m pretty tired so just a couple tidbits for today:

  • I really, really wish I participated in BlogSecret, it was such an amazing idea!! I had so much fun reading all of the secrets- I’m not gonna lie, everytime I read one I would think hmmm do I know this blogger?  Who could it be?  But I didn’t figure out any of them – not that I tried too hard, the whole point was that people wanted to be annonymous so I tried to respect that and not even guess but I am just really curious in my nature!  Can’t help it!
  • I was surprisingly sad about the TRL finale the other night.  I mean, it was such a part of my middle school/high school years.  I would rush home from school, call up Bestest and we would talk (even though we just saw each other all day at school!) and debate who would be number one that day – NSYNC or BSB, Britney or Christina!?!  BSB actually performed on the finale and I got a little choked up.  It just reminds me of a more innocent and carefree time and I don’t know it’s just a little sad to think life will never be like that again.  Oh, also, Carson Daly was so much more in his element and likeable on TRL.  Have you ever tried watching his late night show – it’s actually pretty painful. 
  • So far there are two really easy ways for guys to turn me off in their online dating profile.  One – by putting a picture of you shirtless up, especially one with your head cropped out.  Even if you have an amazing body, it turns me off because it comes off really cocky to me.  Second, if you mention being good at sex (or even insinuate it) then I automatically assume that is all you are looking for – it might not be true but you have already lost me.  Dang, I’m being quite bitchy tonight aren’t I?  I think it’s time for bed.  🙂


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11 responses to “Tidbit Tuesday & Bloggy Love

  1. I feel like I could write a novel on online dating pics. The other one that gets me is when they put up one with a small child, like a niece or nephew. I just wonder how clueless they think we are? Do they assume we all swoon over that? So weird. Or the super humanitarian pictures…building a home in the third world somewhere or similar. Nice that they like kids, or do these things, but I feel like it negates the point to brag about it in a pic. Just like having a hot body.

    That being said-I met my BF online, and his pics were CREEPY and weird. In real life he is really hot and all-around amazing. So what the hell do I know 🙂

  2. Krys

    I love your tidbits!!!

    It’s not just online dating pics. It’s facebook, myspace, 20something blogger pics, EVERYTHING! It drives me bonkers!! I usually go the opposite direction and just put up funny pics. Maybe that’s just as bad, IDK!


  3. Well thank you my dear! I feel very special. I would give the award back to you, but I wasn’t sure if that is allowed? My blog with the awards will be up in a few hours.

    I HATE it when the guys post pictures without their heads. I mean, even if you did like that look, would you really believe it is them? Deception is not cool. Hopefully you can find someone with a “normal,” profile 🙂

    Thanks for the Blog Love!

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  5. Thanks for the award! You are too sweet. I love it! 🙂

    Also, I’m planning a post about online dating profiles soon- there are soo many things that guys write that turn me off. Don’t they know they we don’t really want to see a picture of their bare chest, haha.

  6. Oh my gosh thank you so much for the award! You’re so sweet! TRL ending was bittersweet. That was a huge memory but definitely an end of an era.

  7. Thank you so much for the sweet award! Hugs to you! I cringe when I hear of guys saying they’re good in bed on thier profile! ACK! And ones who aren’t wearing anything??? C’mon guys…I’d like a head too!

  8. I feel the same way about facebook pictures – I want to see the person I think I’m talking to, not some random body part or a picture of their dog. It makes me think they have something to hide.

  9. You should put that last bit about the dating pics in your online profile! Weed ’em out, or at least educate a few.

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  11. I’m bummed I didn’t catch the TRL finale!! But I totally remember those middle school days obsessing over Nsync, Britney, Christina, and BSB. My life was about them. It was kind of sad. Love your tidbits!

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