Warning! Handle with Care

Nora at Walking Through the Rain  did an interview with me that you can find here!  Thanks for featuring me girl! 🙂

One of my favorite posts I read today was from the lovely Miss Musing, who wrote about wishing that people came with warning labels. Her post really got me thinking about the guys I’ve dated and the heartbreak I might have saved myself if I got a look at the warning label first. But then I realized that The Ex really did wear his warning label – WARNING! CANNOT COMMIT!… he told me, he wore it, I just ignored it. It’s like reading that your favorite sweater is dry clean only and then throwing it in the dryer. Or in other words, it’s stupid and you only have yourself to blame for a shrunken sweater.

So what exactly would my warning label read?

Handle with Care
May exhibit jealous tendencies, always running just a few minutes late, a tad on the messy side, may shut down when feeling attacked, may sometimes let The Crazy take over, requires a generous amount of affection, forgives but doesn’t forget, may care too much or fall too hard, can be overly sensitive and emotional, likes to eat cookies in bed, may explode if provoked enough!

Hmmm… and I don’t have a boyfriend because…? 😉

Happy Friday!



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13 responses to “Warning! Handle with Care

  1. longredcape

    Mine would say:

    Only LOOKS sweet and innocent—will curse you up and down if you deceive or hurt her. Tends to cry at sappy movies. Wants a relationship eventually, but is not trying to wear your ring right now. Loves to fornicate, so be ready for it at any given moment. Night owl. Has five animals that she loves dearly. Also? The best you will ever have, so hold on to her.


  2. If it makes you feel better, my Warning would be similar to yours.

    Suffers from bouts of insecurities. Can be very feisty. Is Italian so the Sicilian tendencies kick in during emotional, stressful or hurtful situations. Miss Independent. Ready to commit. Not afraid to talk about feelings. Pseudo-afraid to let someone alway the into her heart. Requires TLC, cuddling and occasional romantic gestures. Willing to be one of the best things in your life if you’ll let it.

  3. ooohhhh i LOVE this “warning label” idea!! yours is great! i need to think on mine some more….

  4. Ok I am going to have to ponder this. Great idea!

  5. “Handle with care. Contents can be feisty. Owns a cat who has been the one constant man in her life for quite some time. Wears her heart on her sleeve, but guards it with all she has. Requires cuddling; games and drama leave a bitter taste in her mouth. Lives on milk. Has a bit of a wall up, but is willing to let the right people in. Has an enourmous amount of love to give. Holds an affinity for the small things, shoes, the silly in life, and finding the simple things that make life good.”

  6. Krys

    Too independant to let you in. Would rather cuddle with her dog than anyone else at night. Finds it hard to commit, but once she does, gives it her all. Cannot function without large amounts of coffee. Serious accessory addict, will cost a lot! Loves to cook, but is a finicky eater. Loves her family more than anything, so if you want a piece of this, beware they are part of the package. Loves to laugh, so come with your funny. Takes aLOT to provoke, but once the redhead temper starts rolling, it’s hard to shut off. But, the good news is, most of the time, any bad mood can be cured by ice cream…

    Love this!

  7. Hmmmmm… I wonder if it’s better to write one’s own label, or let those who know you write it for you?

  8. chloetheingenue

    Haha love the warning labels idea.
    Blond guy did actually warn me he couldn’t commit.. Maybe the problem is we don’t want to read the labels we don’t like ><

  9. I’m so glad people liked this idea 🙂

    Your waning label is great! The more I look back, the more I realize that my ex had warning signs written all over him. I think I was just ignoring them because I wanted to pretend they weren’t there.

  10. What a great idea for a post – I’m not sure that I’d want to write one for myself, might be scary.

  11. I feel like we are the same person. Your warning label sounds just like me =].

  12. I love your warning label and think thats a great idea! Too bad we cant all have/see one…

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