Tidbit Tuesdays

  • Bad Bad Blogger:  I missed you guys!  I’ve been a bad blogger and a bad commenter – I’m sorry!  I was stuck in my funk and that led to not wanting to blog, which was very surprising because when I’m down is usually when I write the most… but I’m back. 🙂
  • Thanksgiving: It seems as though, the best part of the day for my Mom and Seester was watching me try to take the turkey out of the oven. First of all, we didn’t put it in a nice little pot with handles – NO it was in an aluminum pan and that pan was on a cookie sheet. So with the big gloves I had to try to grab the cookie sheet and balance the freakin pan on it. So obviously, I was having visions of dropping the turkey and ruining T-Day!  So there was a lot of nervous finagling to try to get the turkey out.  Squatting and going in for it from the front of the oven, then trying out the side – finally my sister yelled “OMG, this is painful to watch, I WILL DO JUST IT!”  “Shut up! This is not an easy task – I’m doing it, I just don’t want to drop it… God!”  In the end, I did get the turkey out but my Mom and Seester had to make fun of me for the rest of the day about how ridiculous I looked.
  • The Ex: My friends and I went out on Thanksgiving Eve and my best friends boyfriend invited The Ex.  I didn’t think he was going to come.. I really, truly didn’t.  But he did and it was kind of it like dangling crack in front of a crackhead, and I was not strong enough to not give in.  So flirt we did, laugh we did, sexytime we did.  Yea, I’m pretty much a lost cause.
  • Twilight:  Finally saw the movie!  I really liked it.. however, I felt like people who didn’t read the book would not really like or understand the movie.  Bella and Edward definitely looked the part, they really did… the acting left a little something to be desired but still, I liked it.  I think that the love story doesn’t come off the same way the book draws you in but I’ll take my Twilight and sexy vampires anyway I can get them. 😉

How are you doing friends!?



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9 responses to “Tidbit Tuesdays

  1. Great analogy… crack in front of a crackhead. Ha. Well sometimes it’s hard to get rid of the addiction. I get it.

    Glad your Turkey Day went as well as it did!

    Nothing new here that you don’t already know except there was a power outage in my area this a.m. which led to my heater being smart enough to extinguish the pilot light (I think) so I woke up freezing. Not a fun way to start a Tuesday. And doing make-up in the dark? Fortunately I don’t look like the Joker!

  2. I agree with your review of “Twilight”. There’s just so much that went on in the book, if you haven’t read it, you’d be lost! Still…I heart R.Patz…so hot!

    P.S. Don’t worry about the “Ex” thing…we all slip up sometimes!

  3. longredcape

    Ain’t no shame in getting a little sexytime! I’ve sexed my ex twice since we’ve broken up, and I’m not ruling out possibilities in the future! 🙂

  4. I agree with you 100% about the movie!

  5. I’m not very skilled at taking things out of the over, either! I’ve been known to burn myself a time (or four) because I either wasn’t paying close enough attention or didn’t have the coordination to balance whatever it was I was trying to take out of the over.

    As far as the Ex goes, I understand. It’s hard to resist the temptation.

  6. Welcome back. your story about removing the turkey made me laugh. I can imagine it in my head, lol.

  7. Krys

    I missed you!!! I’ve had a similar turkey experience! LOVE IT!! Thanks for the laugh!!!

  8. That funk? Yeah, I know that funk.

    Oh, and I’m not ignoring your blog love below, I just haven’t managed to get around to passing it on yet. Sorry ’bout that…

  9. sexy time with the ex happens. as long as you feel okay about it, and you are being true to yourself and what you need and deserve, that’s all that matters.

    need to see twilight this weekend me thinks.

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