Thank the Baby Jesus It’s Friday!

I am over the moon excited that it is Friday.. this week at work has been craptastic – so stressful and frustrating. Plus, how dare they keep me so busy I can’t read and comment on my favorite blogs. 😉 But the fact that it was such a crazy week really makes it that much sweeter that it’s finally Friday.

B T W right now at 11:02am, I have a strong craving for a good ole make out sesh. Just thought I’d throw that out there.

Yea, it’s gonna be a fun post, I’m all over the place because I’m giddy. I’m giddy about spending the weekend with my amazing best friends. And I think that’s pretty fabulous. Because a week ago I was in a funk and down about being single and today I am still single and perfectly fine with it. Perspective is everything.

So I have a lot to say about online dating… AND I haven’t even actually gone on a date from it yet! Ha. But I have a story to share and a lesson learned…

Right now, I’m on Plenty of Fish – it’s a free one and I like it so far. Anyways, I get an IM and I’m talking to the guy and he’s nice and the conversation is good. At the end of the convo he asks for my number – he’d like to talk on the phone. I’m not a phone person, I wasn’t sure how interested in him I was and I felt a little pressured into giving it to him. But he did seem nice so I gave it to him.

Hello, mistake.

So then, he asks me to add him on Myspace.. already, I felt like the phone number was too much – now Myspace too. Geez, calm down. So, before I even get to add him, he goes:

“Made it simple for you.. you have a friend request waiting..”

“Oh wow… um, how did you find me?” AKA thank you for freaking me out.

I swear you guys, I have friends who can’t even find me on Myspace so uh, yea it freaked me out. I mean my name is fairly common and my town is BIG! So about that moment, I was wishing I could somehow take back the fact I gave him my number.

So later that night, he messages me that he’s sorry if he came on too strong and all this. Then he messages me on MySpace to check the message on POF. I denied his friend request – yea, kinda bitchy I know. So he tries to add me again with another message. Then yesterday he texts me. A little later calls. Then a little later calls and leaves a v-mail. Well, shit. I think I’m going to write back to his POF message later so he stops stalking me out calling. I don’t really know what to say though, which is why I ignored him in the first place.

Anyways, lesson learned right? Definitely will not be giving out my number to any guys unless I’m very interested and I’m pretty confident they will not turn into the stalkerazzi.

But, much more on online dating to come next week. And on the positive side, there are two prospects I’ve been e-mailing with that I like so far. 🙂

On the agenda for this weekend is dinner with one of the bestie’s tonight. Then Bestest is having a pocketbook party tomorrow and afterwards, going out with all my friends. Oh and getting my hair did tomorrow – I won’t tell you how long it’s been since I cut my hair – I’m embarassed.

Happy Friday party people – have a fabulous weekend!



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9 responses to “Thank the Baby Jesus It’s Friday!

  1. Most guys only stalk for a few days and then stop calling. No matter what, giving or not giving the number tends to turn awkward.

  2. ewww Creepy McCreeperson. I would just ignore him and hopefully he’ll get the hint.

  3. longredcape

    I have makeout sesh cravings, like, all the time. That guy sounds like SoccerBoy, hah. Sometimes they are RELENTLESS.

  4. you used the “party people” line- i heart you.
    geesh, dude sounds desperate to me. id just email him that you’re not really interested. easier said than done. or, you can just NOT contact him and let that be the message he gets from you.
    happy weekend! have the best time with your besties! xx

  5. I have a girlfriend who met her husband on Plenty of Fish. He proposed to her after 6 months!! I just find that truly random. She was on the site for only 2 weeks when they met!

  6. I’m looking into online dating in January. And I agree about being glad for the weekend (even though it’s almost over). I could not WAIT.

  7. Full confession: I think I sometimes come on a little strong with a new prospect, though certainly not as bad as him. Luckily, unlike yours, I’m saved by the fact that I’m way to shy to ask for a girls number; I usually wait until she offers or asks for mine. And if I were on POF and, uh, in the same town, I’d totally flirt with you. 😉

  8. Oh my, I had a guy like that once. We went on one date and then the everyday phone calls, emails, texts and even e-cards came flowing in! I told him it was too much for me. I figure that a mid twenty something guy deserves to know why he can’t get a second date and so I told him.

    Not to mention it was totally creepy and weirded me out.

  9. Hope you had a great weekend!!

    That guy sounds scary. Overeager much?? Hopefully one of the other two turns in to something good!

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