Tidbit Tuesday

Another Tuesday is upon us and you know what that means.. you get a few new tidbits about moi! 

  • I once taught myself to juggle using clementines just because I was bored.  I think I was a freshman in high school and I was grounded for bad grades.  I was bored after school with nothing to do so I grabbed three clementines and decided I was going to learn to juggle.  I practiced a couple hours and I eventually got the hang of it and I can still do it today.  Booyah.
  • I believe in a little thing I like to call “clothes kharma.”  I have a shirt that brings me good luck with guys everytime I wear it and I actually don’t even think its that great of a shirt!  But everytime I’d go out in it I’d meet a nice guy or find a cute makeout partner for the evening.   Now, that I think about it, I should wear that shirt sometime soon. 
  • I have a dress I only wore once and will never wear again because it’s what I was wearing when The Ex and I broke up.  Normally, I like to give an article of clothing the whole “three strikes your out” rule but not with this one.
  • I can’t walk by a penny (heads up) and not pick it up.  The rhyme ALWAYS pops in my head, “find a penny pick it up and all day long you’ll have good luck.”  I don’t even find it to be true but I just never want to tempt the fates.
  • I’m superstitious.  Oh wait, you mean you knew that already?

Happy Tuesday lova’s 🙂



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6 responses to “Tidbit Tuesday

  1. I’m intrigued by the idea of the clothes karma! I don’t blame you for not wearing the dress again. I hope it wasn’t one of your favorites!

  2. Krys

    I have always. ALWAYS! wanted to learn how to juggle.

    Can you post instructions?!

  3. I don’t wear bad karma clothes either.
    I have thrown away several cute tops because the memory of what happened when I wore them was too much!

    You can juggle? That’s pretty cool. I can’t to save my life!

  4. I totally believe in clothes karma too!! I have a similar shirt, that I don’t think is all that great but apparently men do!

  5. a0m0y7

    I need to shop at the good karma clothing store. I would take a make out shirt, ‘don’t I owe you money’pants, and every joke is funny socks… Thats just to start. If only.

  6. Hehe, I do the penny thing now too, ever since I found a quarter heads up on the day that my ex came back to me…I’ve been superstitious about picking up those coins…but NEVER the tails up ones!

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