Boys on the Brain

My love life is often straight up comical… as in, most of my stories with guys involve them acting so ridiculous all you can do is laugh or else you’ll cry.  Anyways, I know a couple of you lovely freaders out there were wondering about the phone call CR and I were discussing so here is an update on that and all things boy in my life.

Surfer:  This is who I was talking to CR about and the one I was nervous to talk to on the phone.   We’ve now had two phone calls which were both two hours long – which in my world is a freakin marathon of a phone call.  I don’t like talking on the phone.. but I kinda do when it’s with him – I feel like we have a similar sense of humor and I just like the feeling I get about him.  The other day he kind of suggested us meeting up for a drink this weekend if I wasn’t busy but I actually do have a bunch of things going on this weekend so I told him another time soon.  If that day ever comes, I will be so freakin nervous but I really do want to meet him.  The truth of the matter is that… I kind of like him already and it freaks me out.  He’s actually suppose to call me later tonight… 🙂

DK:  I’m officially changing his name to Brooklyn because it just suits him better.  Anyways, I’ve also talked to him on the phone twice but I get a MUCH different feeling from him.  He’s more of a tough guy but he’s funny – almost in a mean way though.  He strikes me as a player.. someone I should stay away from, so of course it only makes me interested – I’m weird like that.  Anyways, last night when we were talking he threw it out there that he “doesn’t date girls with short hair.”  “But what if the love of your life has short hair?”  I asked.  “Well, then she’ll just have to grow her hair long.”  “That is ridiculous.”  This is just crazy to me, you are going to rule out dating any girl with short hair?  I think it’s stupid.. I think he lost a couple points there.. definitely on the fence about him.

Work Spouse: Him and his kinda sometimes girlfriend are on the rocks again right now so he has been hinting at us hanging out/going on a date.  Now, he really does have a big heart but he is way too insecure for me.  I could walk all over him and honestly, he’s too emotional… trust me people, I have enough emotion on my own.  I mean, I would have no problem hanging out as friends but not dating.  Although there was that one time I drunkenly made out with him but I try not to think about that.  Anyways, so the other day he texted me and asked if I wanted company at 12:30am on a Friday night.

Me:  “Well, you can’t come over now and it’s way too cold and I’m way too sleepy to get out of my bed so no sorry”

WS:  “Oh.. well I could keep you company in bed.. I know that sounds bad but I mean, we’ve cuddled before..”
“umm.. is it okay if I ask you to hang out or should I not?”

Me:  “It’s fine I just can’t tonight…”

WS:  “Okay… are you seeing anyone?”

Me:  “no.” (he knows this already)

WS:  “Did you used to have a thing for me?”

Whaaaaaaaa…. this is the problem right here.  How awkward is that?  Quite honestly, no I never had a thing for him but I didn’t want to be so blunt and hurt his feelings.  I decide to say this:

Me:  “Um.. are you drunk right now?”

WS:   “No… why?”

Me:  “Because you’re acting really weird.”

WS:  “Sorry.”

-end convo-

And I like to just pretend this never happened. 

M:  Even after throwing shows at him, he still randomly asks me to hang out. 

“Want to come over and watch a movie?”  (which lets be honest really translates to: Do you want to come over and make out and maybe if I’m really lucky you will be horny and finally want to have sex with me? no really, that’s at least what it means when he says it, I’m pretty sure)

“I’m already going shopping with my friend… you snooze you lose.”

I think he enjoyed that response as he repeatedly used the saying “you snooze, you lose” all day.

The Ex:  There’s a party this Saturday and there’s a really good chance The Ex will be there.  In my sober mind, I would love to just hang out as friends and not hook up.  In my vodka mind, I can make no such promises.  Sigh.

Too much boy drama, not enough making out – that’s what I think about the situation. 😉



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13 responses to “Boys on the Brain

  1. Phew! Boys galore!
    I have to say, WorkSpouse needs to up his booty call texting skills a little!

  2. mebeingrandom

    love the last line “too much boy drama, not enough making out” !! Surfer sounds like he could be winner and Brooklyn just sounds like an ass (but im probably only saying that because i have short hair)

  3. That is a lot of man drama! But, I think your best bet is Surfer. He seems to have the most relationship potential. And stay away from The Ex! It’s the holidays…you’ll lose your freakin mind if you hook up with him! Trust!

  4. Your last line is hilarious.
    I didn’t realize you had so many options.
    Work Spouse… interesting man, here.
    Brooklyn… agreed with you. Not a good thing to say at all! Although I used to be attracted to those kinds of guys myself.
    I agree with Gigi; surfer sounds the most promising.

  5. Haha! This post was very entertaining! I’m also attracted to the Brooklyn type boys as well. Bad boys that are tough, funny, and kinda assholes. What’s wrong with me??? 😉

  6. Krys

    LMO, EVERY man means that when he asks you to come watch a movie (unless we’re talking about your dad or a brother.) Just go ahead and take my word for it. No man really cares about watching a movie!!!

    Good luck!!

  7. love this post 🙂

    Surfer sounds promising! Meeting for the first time is so awkward, but I bet it’s worth it! Um and I hate insecure guys and totally have felt that “I could walk on you” thing before. Not worth it! Also your vodka mind sounds a lot like my wine mind 🙂

    I hope your drama-to-making-out ratio turns around soon!

  8. Wait, wait, wait. I can’t get a date to save my life and you’re juggling no less than five men?

    Something is seriously unbalanced in the universe, methinks.

  9. im rooting for bachelor #1, the surfer. he sounds really cool.

    an overly emotional man? eek. red flag, sorry. if he’s ALREADY this overly emotional and you’re not even seeing him, imagine how it would be if you dated him?

    how did it go with the ex? fill a sister in.

  10. I may be a little biased as my boyfriend is a surfer, but I”m rooting for #1! And NO making out with the ex…

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  13. Chica

    Um ok, I am hereby DELIGHTED to have found your blog because I think you may even talk about boys more than I do. Hurrah! x

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