Christmas Lovin’

Merry Christmas Eve loves!

First, super quick update on the boys, The Ex was at the party on Saturday and around 4am it turned to disaster –  DISASTER, anger, tears, totally not rehashing the story right now but it’s led me to a lot of thinking and he is officially cut – cut from MY life as much as possible.  I don’t want to be friends, it doesn’t work right now and I am absolutely done with the games.  I’ve said this before but I can’t do it anymore.  It’s a new year and time for a clean slate. 

There are more updates on boys but I’m saving that for another day.  Anyways, onto the Christmas stuff!

*     *     *     *     *

My Top 5 Favorite Christmas Movies:

  1. Holiday Inn *all time fave
  2. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation
  3. Elf
  4. Love Actually
  5. Christmas Story / Muppet’s Christmas Carol

My Top 10 Favorite Holiday Songs:

  1. White Christmas – Bing Crosby
  2. Chipmunk Christmas Song
  3. Santa Claus is Comin to Town – Bruce Springsteen
  4. Blue Christmas – Elvis Presley
  5. Last Christmas – Wham
  6. Baby, It’s Cold Outside
  7. Do They Know It’s Christmas Time
  8. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays – NSYNC
  9. My Only Wish This Year – Britney Spears
  10. All I Want for Christmas – Mariah Carey

My Top 5 Favorite Christmas Traditions

  1. Watching Holiday Inn every single year with my whole family
  2. Making a Gingerbread house
  3. Wearing Christmas PJ’s on Christmas Eve
  4. Grab Bag Game on Christmas Day where you can steal each others presents – my Gma is always so funny during it.
  5. Opening presents on Christmas morning with Christmas music blasting, sitting on the floor with my sister just like when we were kids. 🙂

Couple more random Christmas Tidbits:

  • I LOVE wrapping Christmas presents… LOVE.  But I am a perfectionist and it takes me forever! 🙂
  • I hate the Christmas Shoes song, so much!  It’s probably one of the only Christmas songs I don’t like.
  • Last year I asked for a Nintendo DS and this year I asked for a Wii… how old am I again?

Merry Christmas!  Feliz Navidad! Happy New Year!  Love you guys and hope your holidays are fabulous!




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6 responses to “Christmas Lovin’

  1. Um, more proof that we are meant to be friends. I LOVE the Wham song and I don’t like the Christmas Shoes song either!!! I wear Christmas PJs too… so yeah, we are totally meant to be friends 🙂
    Have a great Christmas!

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  3. Krys

    My favporite Christmas song is “I want a Hippopotomus for Christmas.” It’s the best!!!

    We play a game on Christmas too, and it’s my FAVORITE THING EVER!

    Merry Christmas!!!! Hope Santa brings your wii!!!!!

  4. Great lists. I hope Santa brought you everything you wanted. Merry Christmas LMO! 😀

  5. Aww, love the lists, hope your Christmas was amazing! Can’t wait to read about the Ex story, Ex’s are dumb, I hate them…

  6. I didn’t think that either Elf or that NSync song were all that great the first time around, but now I can’t have Christmas without them.

    Hoping you got a Wii!

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