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Thankful for Thursday Over at Krystown

You guys can find me over HERE at Krystown today! It’s my first guest post ever so go check it out. Plus Krys is awesome and you should be reading her blog anyways. 🙂

Also, it’s not too late to delurk / ask me any burning questions you have for me!  Yay, so happy that many of you decided to delurk – so nice to meet you all! 🙂



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Delurk! Delurk! Whoever you are :)

Hello loveys, word on the street is that it is Delurking Day or Week or something SO, please all you lovely people out there, come out of hiding and say hi.  Or if you are a regular please say hi too, because I love you guys.  🙂

Also, and I know this is not original in any way but since it is delurk day – you can ask me any question your little heart desires and I will do a Q & A post.  So ask away – really, do it! doooo itttttt. 🙂

And in the spirit of delurking, coming out of hiding, meeting each other…


New Years Eve

This picture below is so me… It was at the party a few weeks ago – pre The Ex ruining my night. I decided to do this goofy ass dance for my friends and then fell to the ground in a fit of laughter and my friend took this pic:

Ok now, get askin!

Oh! One more thing – BIG thanks for all the input on the last entry – I decided to just ignore those texts for now, if he contacts me anymore then I will tell him that I think it’s better if we don’t talk for awhile. Thanks so much for all the advice you guys!


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Whaddya Think Bloggy Buds?

Over the last two days, I’ve recieved the following texts from The Ex:

Tues, 4:59pm
Hey, how are you?

Tues, 5:20pm
No talk to me?

Tues, 6:26
Maybe it’s me… but if you are ignoring me can you tell me why please?

Wed, 4:05pm
Not cool.. I didn’t do anything…

Really, I wasn’t even ignoring the first two, I was just at work and didn’t have a chance to respond. But then I thought about it and really, what is there to talk about? The last time I saw him (about 3 weeks ago at the party) we fought, he made me cry and he made me feel like I was crazy. And I’m mad.. it’s been 2 1/2 weeks and I’m still mad, not just about that night but about everything.

Anyway, I think he knew that something wasn’t right because he thought I was ignoring him after a mere 20 minutes – guilty conscious?

So… should I keep ignoring him? Should I tell him I don’t want to talk? Should I tell him to chill out, I’ve just been busy? What do you think?

Keep in mind that I can’t just cut him out of my life completely… I will have to see him again since he is very good friends with my best friend’s boyfriend… but hopefully I won’t see him anytime soon.


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Some Resolutions & a Date

Well hello 2009, nice to see you.  Wasn’t it just about to be 2000 and everyone was freaking out about y2k and the world ending… where did the decade go?  Anywaysss..

I don’t like to jinx things but I do have a good feeling about 2009 and on New Years Eve right after the ball dropped they just happened to play “Walkin On Sunshine” which is my theme song at work heh.  I thought it was a pretty damn good sign.

I really don’t need it to be a new year to sit down and think of goals, in fact I’m all about the goals.  But this year in particular I find myself extremely excited about the new year and the possibilities.

My resolutions:

Kicking my toxic habit for good:  I’m done with the drama with The Ex… haven’t spoken to him in over two weeks now and have no desire to.  He is most certainly OUT in 09.  Yesterday, I started thinking about the mean things he has said to me, mean things he did to me.. and I got mad… really, really, mad.  And mad at myself too for letting him treat me poorly for so long.  I don’t even want to be friends with him right now.  The saga is over finally, I can feel it and it feels so good.

Move out… Living at home isn’t that bad but I’m ready to have freedom again, to stay out all night if I want and not have to worry about my Mom freaking out.  I don’t know where I want to move yet, Philly is an option but really it depends on the next goal as well:

Figure out my career direction… I’m still thinking about going back to school for school counseling.  I think about it a lot.  It would have been too rushed to try to get everything together before Jan 15th to go back Fall 09 but I’m looking at Fall 10.  I want to do some research.  I want to talk to a friend who is in a school counseling program and maybe even shadow a counselor for a day to help me make sure this is what I want to do.

Learn to make jewelry… This has been on the top of my things to do list for a couple years now.  It’s time to stop thinking it and find some classes and do it!  Eventually I’d love to have my own little Etsy shop but for this year I just want to start learning.

Lose Weight & Get in Shape:  I know its cliche but I want to lose at least 20lbs because that is how much I’ve put on the last couple years.  But I don’t want to just lose the weight, I really want to get in shape and just live healthier in general. 

Date my booty off.  It’s scary.. there’s the nervousness beforehand and the stress afterwards.  It can be fun and most of the time its frustrating but I want to get out there.  I don’t want to keep looking back on what could have been, what might have been, I just want to move forward.  I want to meet new people, maybe even meet someone nice who will treat me how I deserve.

So the whole dating thing kicked off tonight with me meeting the Surfer!  It was nice, we just did coffee.  It’s too early to tell if there is anything there.  By the time we really started feeling comfortable with each other it was time to leave so we’ll see if we go out again.  I don’t know how he felt about me… he was hard to read.  And just a hug at the end of the night.. he SAID he would call me tomorrow but we’ll see.  You never do know with boys. 

I think another resolution of mine should be to try to control the crazy.  Yea, it definitely should be.  We’ll see.. I’ll keep you posted of course. 🙂

Oh and on another boy note, WS has been coming on strong… I don’t know what to do but I’ll have to save that for another entry.

What are your resolutions/goals for 2 0 0 9?


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