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We Are So Over, We Need a New Word for Over

My Dearest Winter,

Now, you know how I feel about you. You know I love cuddling up on really cold nights and I love watching the snow fall. I love ice skating and making snow angels. I love winter coats with matching cute scarves. But sweetie, this just isn’t working out anymore. I think I need some space… maybe like 10 months of space?

I wish I could say it’s not you… but yea, it is pretty much you. I just can’t take one more day of shivering in my freezing cold car waiting for it to warm up. And just the other day, I almost wiped out on a spot of black ice and honey, that just isn’t my idea of a good time. I’m sick of wearing bulky sweaters under bulkier coats and feeling like an oompah loompah. I know you are who you are and I can’t try to change you so I think it’s best if we just go our separate ways.

And the truth of the matter is… there’s someone else. She is really hot and knows how to make me happy. Her name is Summer and I desperately want her back. I love you but I just love her more. I know this is probably hard for you to hear and I’m sorry if this hurts but I need to be honest.

I really feel like we will be together again one day. I feel like our love can be rekindled but right now, I need some time. You know the saying, “absence makes the heart grow fonder”? I really feel like that could be true for us.

I hope you understand.


Little Miss Obsessive



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You Give V-Day A Bad Name

Let’s be honest, most guys hate on Valentine’s Day because of the stereotypical girl who expects an extravaganza. The girl who demands jewelry, flowers, dinner at the perfect restaurant or an elaborate surprise. Well, I hadn’t met this girl… or I didn’t know I had met this girl until Friday. It turns out she is my manager.

First she told Cubie “I better have roses delivered to me today or else it’s over.” (with her boyfriend of a few months)

Secretly, I almost wanted her to not get flowers to see how big of a fuss she would make. Bitchy? Perhaps, but I just think it’s silly to demand flowers. Isn’t it more special if they just do it on their own?

A couple hours later we heard a box being opened at her cube and we both popped our heads over to see. There she was with her 18 roses, taking them out of the box and fixing the arrangement with a sour puss look on her face.

”Um, why do you look like that? You just got ROSES!” I say.

“UGH, I wanted them to be pre-arranged and delivered downstairs. That way, I would get to walk up with them and everyone would see.”

I really had no words for that.

THEN, she whips out her phone and says “look at the flowes my ex-boyfriend sent me last year. They were SO beautiful and had baby’s breath and everything.” sigh.

I was literally disgusted by her. Plus, she was going out in NYC that night to a show and dinner but somehow it all wasn’t enough? No wonder most guys dread this day – with girls like this out there how can I blame them!?

As for me, I went on a little romantical date with a guy from work. And because I’m super adorable I made him cookies (they were also for my girlfriends, my true loves, of course)

I seem to have, unexpectedly, found myself a Meantime Man… however, I’m not so sure this is at all what I want. But more on that later.

Now, tell me about your Valentine’s Day – Good? Bad? Surprising? Fantastic Sex? Disappointing Night? I love me some good dish so spill! 🙂


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Why My Superstitious Ass Actually Likes Friday the 13th

So, I’m a tad on the superstitious side. Ok, maybe that’s a bit of an understatement:

I don’t walk by pennies (heads up) and not pick it up because I think it might bring me bad luck.

You would never catch me sitting in the 13th row of a plane or flying on the 13th and liking it.

I have to kiss my hand and touch the ceiling when I drive through a yellow light or else I feel like I might have bad luck.

I hold my breathe when I pass cemetaries because it’s suppose to add minutes (or is it seconds?) onto your life.

You won’t see me walking under ladders and you may witness me freak out if I happen to break a mirror.

I hate seeing black cats, I don’t even know what they mean bad luck, death? I don’t know but keep them away.

And I used to get freaked out by Friday the 13th’s. I used to get worried that something super freaky would happen or Jason was going to try to kill me.

And then on October 13, 2000, FRIDAY THE 13TH, something crazy, freaky, weird and unexpected really did happened – I had my first real kiss.

Ever since, I’ve kinda liked Friday the 13th’s.


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Men, Mocha Lattes & Moore

The lovely HBee over at One Step at a Time did a post where she was assigned a letter by someone else and wrote 10 things she loved that started with her assigned letter. She then assigned me with the letter M. If you would like me to assign you a letter (and you should because it’s fun and who doesn’t like fun?) then leave me a comment saying so and don’t forget to include your email! Oh and don’t forget to go check out HBee’s blog, you’ll love it, I promise. :0)


Honestly, my Mom is a trouper. She is back in the hospital for her heart and although she is really upset about it, she still manages to stay in such good spirits. I mean, it’s not easy being poked and prodded at all hours of the day and night. And having to go through everything that she’s been through in the last six months but somehow she still manages to make jokes and smile. We laughed about how she must be at VIP status these days at the hospital and that’s why she gets the “hook up” as we sat in the ER with two IV’s in her and oxygen up her nose. The doctors think they know what is wrong and if it’s what they think it should be able to be fixed easily but send some prayers her way!!


I love music, especially lyrics that I can relate to. If I’m angry you’ll probably find me rocking out to some Kelly Clarkson (some boy did that girl WRONG to make her write all these songs!) or when I’m relaxing/trying to sleep you’ll probably find me with the soundtrack to Garden State or listening to The Fray. My favorite CD at the moment is Taylor Swift, “Fearless.” It’s amazing. “The Way I Loved You” is my favorite track.

Making Out

Seriously, I am all for a hot make out sesh. Sometimes, I wish these horny guys would just cool their horses and learn to appreciate it because for me making out can be fun enough, until I’m ready for more. But oh, a good kisser is so my weakness.


I went through a phase where my dream job would actually be writing movie reviews. I have always loved movies especially comedies and suspense/thrillers. I can’t really handle heartbreaking/depressing movies or I can only see them once. I can’t really watch The Notebook because the Alzheimer’s storyline breaks my heart too much.

Marble Frosted Donuts

In all honesty, I haven’t actually had one of these for years and years. But they still make me happy when I see them because they remind me of being a little girl and going to Dunkin Donuts with my dad. I would always get the marble frosted donut and a chocolate milk.

Mandy Moore

She is totally my girl crush. Also, I would kill to look like her and have that amazing skin she has.

Mocha Lattes

My coffee drink of choice. Iced in the summer, hot in the winter and with skim milk please.

Margaritas & Mexican Food

These two go hand in hand of course. And I like my marg’s on the rocks with salt, thank you very much.


For as much bitching and whining I do about them, you may have notice I do actually have a category called “Why I sometimes adore Boys.” Granted this has been used very few times in comparison to my “Boys are Dumb” tag but there are times when I just love them to pieces. Like when I feel really safe wrapped up in a man’s arms. Or when a tough guy says something really sweet or lets himself be vulnerable for a minute. Anyways, sometimes they can be pretty great… sometimes.


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The One Where He Whipped It Out

As if finding out my ex boyfriend has a new Spanish, non English speaking lover he plans on making his GIRLFRIEND wasn’t enough excitement for one weekend, last Friday I also had a date with a guy I met on Match. We had been talking for a week or two and the conversation on the phone flowed really well and I was really looking forward to meeting him.

So last Friday night, I drove 45 minutes up to Hoboken to meet him since he lives in a city and does not have a car. I was pleasantly surprised when I got out of the car and saw him. He was as cute as his pictures although did look a little older in person – he was 31.

We found a cute little bar and sat in the corner table by the window drinking Blue Moon. Conversation flowed easily, like it did on the phone. We laughed a lot and when our legs grazed against each other it felt comfortable to let them stay touching.  After a couple beers, he asked if I wanted to go back to his apartment and watch a movie.  Movie – fine.  Kissing – fine.  Cuddling – fine.  But was that what he had in mind?  I really didn’t want the date to end so I agreed.

We got comfortable on the couch and he put his arm around me and I snuggled close to him.  I knew he wanted to kiss me and it only was a couple minutes before I looked up at him and he went in for the kiss.

“You’re a good kisser” he whispered.

“You’re not so bad yourself..”

We kiss for a minute before I turn back to the TV and get comfortable.  I try to watch the movie but it’s pretty clear he’d rather kiss and I’m all for some good kissing but I knew that it wouldn’t go any further than that and I didn’t want to give him the wrong idea.

He turned my face back to him and started kissing me again and then his hand made its way to my chest… I took his hand and moved it down to my hip and continued kissing him.  No harm, no foul – I have a nice rack, I couldn’t really blame the kid that much ;).  Anyways, about one minute later.. his hand finds his way right back to my chest.  This time I move his hand and playfully say no. 

So I try to go back to watching the movie but eventually he initiates some more kissing and yep, some more boob grabbing.  This time, I’m annoyed.

“Excuse me, but don’t you think that’s disrespectful?”


“Well, I’m telling you NO and you keep doing it.  I find that extremely disrespectful.”

“I wouldn’t say disrespectful… It’s just… I just, really don’t want to listen… I”m just really attracted to you.”

“Well, I’m attracted to you too but it’s our first date and I’m saying NO and I really don’t like that you are not listening.”

“But the thing is, that I feel like there’s this mutual chemistry between us… and I just think we can have fun without doing anything serious.”

“It’s great you’re attracted to me but when I say no I mean no.  And yes, this is innocent but still, I don’t like when I’m not listened to.”

“Okay, I’m sorry I’m not trying to offend you… I’m just a very sexual person.”

“Well, I’m not saying I’m NOT a sexual person.  But this is our first date and I need to do things in my own time.”

And just like that a date went from great to ruined.  But there’s more.

We go back to watching the movie and eventually the kissing starts up again and I give in to some second base action although I really shouldn’t have.  Actually, I probably should have just left after the first conversation about not listening but it was all pretty innocent.   

“Omg, you have me so excited…” he says.

“Ok, well you did it to yourself buddy…”

“No, you got me so excited.. you want to feel it?”

“Um, no.”

“You want to see it real quick?”

“NO.  I’m gonna go to the bathroom and then I think it’s time for me to leave.”

So I go to the bathroom and when I come out he is standing in the living room waiting for me. 

“Omg, I am so excited…” 

And that’s when I see him reaching for the zipper of his pants… And then he freakin whips it out.  Upon seeing my look of disgust, he puts it away and apologizes for going to far. 

I put on my coat in silence.  Put my Uggs back on in silence.  Grab my purse and start down the stairs without any regard to how far behind me he is.  We walk to my car in silence. 

“Okay, well.. goodnight” I manage to say. 

“Would you want to hang out again sometime?”

Honestly, I really wish that I could see a picture of what my face looked like at this moment.

“Um, okay well think about it.” He says.

I get into my car and reflect on the ridiculousness that is my love life.  Honestly, how could someone seem so nice but actually be such a sleeze?  I wondered if he thought that because I was younger, he thought it would be easy to take advantage of me. 

ALSO, what happened to the days when a guy was lucky if a girl would KISS on the first date? 

Anyways, I’ve learned my lesson – I won’t be accepting anymore invitations back to a guys apartment on the first date.  I should have known his intentions but I guess I like to have a little more faith in people.

Anyone else have a good whippin it out story?


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Well, She Doesn’t Speak English

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, my love life is straight up comically tragic most of the time. Really, I couldn’t make this stuff up if I wanted to. Before I get into this story, let’s recap me and The Ex, which is no easy feat. We were together in some way for about a year, it was always changing and always dramatic. The basis of most of our problems was the fact that he felt that he wasn’t ready for a relationship. I met him when he was about 2 months out of a three year relationship and he told me from the beginning that he just couldn’t commit. It was never about being faithful but more the other aspects of relationships. But we still tried to make it work although obviously when two people want different things how can it work? We pretty much ended things in April/May but since then he still tells me he cares about me/likes me/would want to be with me but just can’t commit. Things were over but still lingered. Although lately, I’ve been very strong about not talking to him.

So on Saturday night, I’m out with all my friends at a party which The Ex did not attend. I was around all his friends and it made me miss him. I hadn’t talked to him since I ignored his texts so when I got home around 1am, in my tipsy state I decided to text him. Okay, honestly, I also had a weird feeling maybe he was out with a girl and it was bothering me. When I asked what he did that night he tells me he “went out, but not drinking or anything.”

Hmmm… that doesn’t sound like him… out but not drinking?

“Oh… were you on a hot date?”

Insert his expert question avoider skills here but eventually he says,

“Yes, I was out with a girl.”

Cue the waterworks. I knew he wouldn’t take out a girl unless he really liked her.

Then he asks me,

”So why text me tonight?”

“I was just thinking about you… while you were out on your hot date.”

“Little jealous?”

“Are you surprised?”

”No, but I just enjoy it.”

“That’s really mean.. why would you enjoy me being unhappy”

“No not unhappy.. just jealous.. not unhappy.. and it makes me feel wanted.”

“I know you claim to have never felt jealousy before so I’ll let you in on a little secret.. it’s not a happy feeling.”

”Ohhh, you learn something new everyday.”

Cut to the next morning…

“So, do you want this girl to be your girlfriend?”

“Why would you ask me that?”

“Because I don’t want to be surprised…”

“What do you mean surprised?”

“I mean, I don’t want to hear out of the blue you have a girlfriend…”

“So if she’s my girlfriend, you want me to tell you first, I’m confused, lol.”

“No, I mean I want you to tell me if you’re planning on making her your girlfriend so that I can prepare.”

“Why would you need to prepare?”

”Because for the last year and a half you’ve been telling me you didn’t want a girlfriend and I believed you…”

“Well, I wasn’t lying but maybe you should prepare yourself then.”

“So NOW you’re ready for a real relationship? Obviously, you just didn’t want to be with me then and I wish you had just been honest with me.”

“But that’s not the case.. it had nothing to do with you.”

“You just didn’t want to be with me… WHY ELSE WOULD YOU WANT TO BE WITH SOMEONE ELSE NOW?”

“Well, she doesn’t speak English.”

I’m going to pause here for effect.

Let that sink in.



“That’s cool.”

“Wow, you aren’t even going to ask how I talk to her? lol”

“Maybe there is no talking.”

”No, turns out I can speak Spanish, who knew.” (Sidenote: he has a thing for Spanish girls… oh and in actuality he barely knows any spanish)

“Figured. Well, you knew I was never turning into a Spanish girl.”

”I knew that. Don’t take this all personal.. I really do like you.”

“It is personal. Clearly, you didn’t like me that much, the jig is up!”

“I didn’t realize I was doing a jig…”

“I want you to be happy but I feel really foolish and stupid and it hurts.”

The End.

She’s only been in the US for 2 or 3 months and works in the kitchen of his restaurant. It makes me nauseous that I can care about someone who would rather settle for a relationship in which there is little communication.

When I think about it, I do get it. The language barrier will allow him to avoid the aspects of a relationship he doesn’t want to deal with. He doesn’t want to have a girl get close to his family, check, the girl can’t even talk to his family! He doesn’t have to worry about talking about serious feelings because hey, there lucky if they can talk about the weather.

But honestly, this all kind of feels like a bad joke.


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Hi, I’m Alive

Ah, I know I’ve been the worst blogger lately but I have a good reasons:

#1 My laptop got virused.  UGH.  And I can’t get the darn thing off because it usually freezes before it boots up all the way.

#2 I have zero time to blog at work because I am that busy.  Oh b t w, I am totally looking for a new job.

#3 Life is just crazy and boys hurt my head (but what else is new).

I can’t wait to check out the blogs of you delurkers out there :).  I need to get my laptop fixed so I can get on that!

There is a desktop in my house which I’m writing on now but it’s just so hard to get myself to sit at the desk when I get home from work.  I mean I already spend 8 hours locked to my desk at work so basically I need to de-virus the laptop!

I have stories for you guys of course but I’m too tired to write any now – I want to do them justice.  But coming soon:

The A’s to your Q’s from Delurking Day

Recap of my second online date experience from Friday

The Ex and his new relationship – just wait for this story, it’s a real doozy!

Goodnight guys – sorry for being a bad blogger – I’m going to force myself to sit at the desktop this week if I have to. 🙂


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