Men, Mocha Lattes & Moore

The lovely HBee over at One Step at a Time did a post where she was assigned a letter by someone else and wrote 10 things she loved that started with her assigned letter. She then assigned me with the letter M. If you would like me to assign you a letter (and you should because it’s fun and who doesn’t like fun?) then leave me a comment saying so and don’t forget to include your email! Oh and don’t forget to go check out HBee’s blog, you’ll love it, I promise. :0)


Honestly, my Mom is a trouper. She is back in the hospital for her heart and although she is really upset about it, she still manages to stay in such good spirits. I mean, it’s not easy being poked and prodded at all hours of the day and night. And having to go through everything that she’s been through in the last six months but somehow she still manages to make jokes and smile. We laughed about how she must be at VIP status these days at the hospital and that’s why she gets the “hook up” as we sat in the ER with two IV’s in her and oxygen up her nose. The doctors think they know what is wrong and if it’s what they think it should be able to be fixed easily but send some prayers her way!!


I love music, especially lyrics that I can relate to. If I’m angry you’ll probably find me rocking out to some Kelly Clarkson (some boy did that girl WRONG to make her write all these songs!) or when I’m relaxing/trying to sleep you’ll probably find me with the soundtrack to Garden State or listening to The Fray. My favorite CD at the moment is Taylor Swift, “Fearless.” It’s amazing. “The Way I Loved You” is my favorite track.

Making Out

Seriously, I am all for a hot make out sesh. Sometimes, I wish these horny guys would just cool their horses and learn to appreciate it because for me making out can be fun enough, until I’m ready for more. But oh, a good kisser is so my weakness.


I went through a phase where my dream job would actually be writing movie reviews. I have always loved movies especially comedies and suspense/thrillers. I can’t really handle heartbreaking/depressing movies or I can only see them once. I can’t really watch The Notebook because the Alzheimer’s storyline breaks my heart too much.

Marble Frosted Donuts

In all honesty, I haven’t actually had one of these for years and years. But they still make me happy when I see them because they remind me of being a little girl and going to Dunkin Donuts with my dad. I would always get the marble frosted donut and a chocolate milk.

Mandy Moore

She is totally my girl crush. Also, I would kill to look like her and have that amazing skin she has.

Mocha Lattes

My coffee drink of choice. Iced in the summer, hot in the winter and with skim milk please.

Margaritas & Mexican Food

These two go hand in hand of course. And I like my marg’s on the rocks with salt, thank you very much.


For as much bitching and whining I do about them, you may have notice I do actually have a category called “Why I sometimes adore Boys.” Granted this has been used very few times in comparison to my “Boys are Dumb” tag but there are times when I just love them to pieces. Like when I feel really safe wrapped up in a man’s arms. Or when a tough guy says something really sweet or lets himself be vulnerable for a minute. Anyways, sometimes they can be pretty great… sometimes.



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11 responses to “Men, Mocha Lattes & Moore

  1. OKay..I’m torn between Mom and Men…figures!

  2. I love your list! I agree with you on most of these!

  3. I also LOVE Mandy Moore. I’ve seen “Chasing Liberty” an embarassing number of times.

  4. I’m all for a good makeout sesh too! That’s the ebst.

    What has Mandy Moore been doing lately? I used to really like her.

  5. Ooh Taylor Swift – I love that song too! I have been craving Mexican and Margaritas for WEEKS. I need to take care of that ASAP!

  6. Once again you continue to prove that we should be best friends 🙂
    Mexican and margaritas? Heck yes.
    Men? Of course!
    Making out? Always.
    Mandy Moore? She would play me in a movie, you know, if someone found my life interesting enough to make a movie!

    And tons of prayers your way for your mom.
    You should get her the Madagascar Penguin movie!!! It might cheer her up!

  7. Cute list! I’m sending well wishes for you and your mom. I like everything on your list. Except margaritas. I’ve tried to like them, but I cannot. I hate tequila with a passion and I can ALWAYS taste it no matter if it’s the “really good kind.” I guess I’m out on the donuts too…
    But, Making out? Yes please! Mandy Moore? So adorable. I love that movie she’s in with Diane Keaton. And everything else. I like everything else you listed! 😉

  8. Mom – Can’t beat a good mom
    Music – All good with music
    Making Out – All good with that. If you know of anyone who wants one, just send em over.
    Marble Frosted Donuts – I gave in and had a donut this morning. 🙂
    Mandy Moore – Uh, see “Making out”
    Mocha Lattes – The only coffee drink I drink
    Mexican – Viva la Mexican!
    Men – That would be a “no” on my part…

  9. Love your list!

    Making out…does it get any better????

    Did you see Mandy Moore got engaged? I love her too.

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