You Give V-Day A Bad Name

Let’s be honest, most guys hate on Valentine’s Day because of the stereotypical girl who expects an extravaganza. The girl who demands jewelry, flowers, dinner at the perfect restaurant or an elaborate surprise. Well, I hadn’t met this girl… or I didn’t know I had met this girl until Friday. It turns out she is my manager.

First she told Cubie “I better have roses delivered to me today or else it’s over.” (with her boyfriend of a few months)

Secretly, I almost wanted her to not get flowers to see how big of a fuss she would make. Bitchy? Perhaps, but I just think it’s silly to demand flowers. Isn’t it more special if they just do it on their own?

A couple hours later we heard a box being opened at her cube and we both popped our heads over to see. There she was with her 18 roses, taking them out of the box and fixing the arrangement with a sour puss look on her face.

”Um, why do you look like that? You just got ROSES!” I say.

“UGH, I wanted them to be pre-arranged and delivered downstairs. That way, I would get to walk up with them and everyone would see.”

I really had no words for that.

THEN, she whips out her phone and says “look at the flowes my ex-boyfriend sent me last year. They were SO beautiful and had baby’s breath and everything.” sigh.

I was literally disgusted by her. Plus, she was going out in NYC that night to a show and dinner but somehow it all wasn’t enough? No wonder most guys dread this day – with girls like this out there how can I blame them!?

As for me, I went on a little romantical date with a guy from work. And because I’m super adorable I made him cookies (they were also for my girlfriends, my true loves, of course)

I seem to have, unexpectedly, found myself a Meantime Man… however, I’m not so sure this is at all what I want. But more on that later.

Now, tell me about your Valentine’s Day – Good? Bad? Surprising? Fantastic Sex? Disappointing Night? I love me some good dish so spill! 🙂



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13 responses to “You Give V-Day A Bad Name

  1. ugh, what is wrong with that girl? How annoying. I would think arranging the flowers yourself would be more fun? And I’ve always wanted to get flowers that come in a box. Some women!

    A Meantime Man? I want to hear more!

    My v-day was great but we were so tired from the day that we only made out a bit and then fell asleep cuddling. I know, kind of pathetic. I will make up for it this week! 🙂

  2. uuuugh! i can’t believe people actually act like that!
    hope the date was fun!

    My day was good, I played a tourist in my city and then curled up with a good bottle of wine and chick flicks 🙂

  3. Wow, us girls are bitches! Mine was lovely, nice cuddling for most of the day, great dinner, great drinks and pretty good sex.

  4. She sounds like a terribly shallow person. I’m sorry you have to work with her.

    My Valentine’s Day was great! We went skydiving 🙂

  5. My V Day was perfect: My man was delayed and came back on Sunday so I spent Saturday with one of my very best girl friends. We went to meditation, had tea, went to an art event and went dancing. Ideal.

  6. My day was pretty good. Went shopping with a friend, got surprise flowers from my dad and went out to the bar at night with friends. All and all, no complaints.

  7. J

    People like that really are pathetic, actually. That’s not what the day is about, which is why I still hate the day even now that I have someone to share it with.

  8. Valentines Day really can be very fun. I get a bit frustrated with all of the haters!

    Some day, that girl will realize that pre-arranged flowers are not what it is all about!

  9. That’s exactly the kind of girl I fear. No, really, words can’t communicate how much I fear women like that.

    After all these years, I pretty much loathe V-Day. In fact, I always said to my last girlfriend “I’ll be romantic 364 days of the year, just not V-Day.” Then I bought her flowers on random occasions…

  10. glad you have yourself a meantime man for now. you know i had one of them back in the day– they can be a very good thing. just protect that dear heart of yours.

    co-worker sucks with her picky-ness about the roses and such. get a life!

    my valday? pretty flowers delivered to me by manfriend himself, museum during the day, dinner at night, bed by 1030, sans nookie- both too tired. we’re old.

  11. Omg! I’m sorry, but this chick sounds like a bitch. I’m glad I am NOT like that. No romance for me, thanks. I like simple, easy and fun. That’s it.

  12. I had a good V-day – I made my hubby heart shaped brownies and cookies and he sent me roses – I would never act like your manager though – what a bitch!

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