Life. Love. Bullshit.

All I have to say is TGIF people… TGI freakin F!

The Meantime Man I alluded to happened to be M.. ya know, the one I threw shoes at that one time? Well, Saturday night I went out for his birthday and watched him try to make out with our manager, you know – the one who makes guys hate Valentine’s Day. She was all over him and she knew we were hooking up too.

I have to admit that I was already over the situation with Meantime Man anyway. In fact, it was the perfect out for me. I didn’t have to feel bad because trying to kiss my manager right in front of me and my friends is disrespectful and embarassing and thank you because now I don’t feel bad for breaking things off.

Oh and I ended ud up making out with Work Spouse again… I really don’t know how I feel about that situation. Well, actually I do. I just can’t talk about it right now. It makes me nervous and happy and confused and… we’ll talk about that another day.

Tuesday. My friend broke the news that The Ex was coming to Beerfest (this event in Atlantic City that I was really looking forward to) with his g/f and they were getting there own room.

The Ex…

is coming to Beerfest…

with his girlfriend…

and they’re getting there own room.

I’m pretty sure those lines repeated over and over in my head as if a bad dream.


She doesn’t even speak freakin English!


He would love that though, he knows I cannot control my jealousy or tears and I bet he’d love the shit out of that situation.

So anyways, I texted him and he said he probably isn’t going… whew. And I confirmed that his spanish chiquita is now his GIRLFRIEND.

That is ridiculous.

I know I know, this is old news.

But it’s one of those things that even when you’ve prepared yourself for it, you really are not ready when it happens.

I had three mini meltdowns at my desk at work that day – damn The Ex and my lack of sleep and my freakin surplus of emotions.

I’m all better now.

Oh, and Sunday is my birthday – yay! 🙂

Oh and don’t even get me started on The Bachelor. All I have to say is, there is no excuse for breaking up with a girl on national television… even if you’re “following your heart” and you “don’t want to live with regrets.”

I don’t know about you guys but all I’m hearing is blahhh blahhh blahh I’m a dirty tramp.



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11 responses to “Life. Love. Bullshit.

  1. Woohoo Sunday is my birthday too!! Happy early B-day sweetie!

  2. OMG could life be any more insane for you right now?

  3. tgif dear! and happy almost bday!
    you’re right— even if you think you’re ready, it’s never a comfy cozy feeling to hear that your ex is with someone new. it just isnt.
    you hang in there dear- you have so much going for you and deserve the best.

  4. Happy early b-day! And oh my goodness. I think an epidemic of ridiculous men is sweeping this nation. And I thought it was just KY! Keep your head up and keep trying…at least that’s what I’m telling myself!

  5. How exciting! Happy early birthday! I hope you have a great weekend that isn’t full of drama!

  6. are you still coming to beerfest?! i’m going to beerfest!!!!!!!!

  7. Krys

    Woah! Happy early birthday!! Men are just not right. Also, they are stupid. Yes, all of them. 🙂

  8. Meantime = stupid to do that. Glad you had an easy out.

    The EX = I want to kick him in the head for you.

    The Bachelor = agreed, what a ridiculous man and tramp.

    You= Happy birthday! Glad you posted. Miss you!

  9. Happy belated birthday! And, hey, if you still need someone to make out with, by birthday’s in August… 😉

  10. Hey, happy birthday for Sunday!

  11. Hey! Just a quick note to say I miss you. Hope you are doing well =)

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