I’m Bringin Tidbits Back, Yeah!

Your suppose to sing the title to the beat of SexyBack… I’m sure everyone got that, I’m sure EVERYONE was thinking about that song right now, I’m SURE I’m not a weirdo or anything. 🙂

  • Vegas Blogger Meetup ENVY!  Oh sweet Jesus, I am literally so SAD I missed out on this.  I would have liked to meet SO MANY of the bloggers who went.  Ah, and it sounds like it was a blast.  And I’m really happy for the bloggers who did get to go but STILL, so effin jealous.  But it really made me realize I want to go to one of these meetups and soon! 
  • Mini Vaca: College Roomie and I are going to Myrtle Beach this weekend!  We literally planned it like yesterday, heh.  We are driving down late Thurs and coming back on Sunday so it will be short but fun.  Hope for some good weather so I can get my tan on. 🙂
  • Dating, ahem or lack of dating:  I’m back at the online thing but nothing much to speak of yet.   It’s really a jungle out there, for serious.  My friend went out with this guy and he was all “let’s hang out again this weekend.”  And she never heard from him again. WHY DO GUYS DO THIS!?
  • Randoms:  I keep saying “ooof!” in my head everytime something frustrates me today.  The other day it was “grrrfach.”  Sometimes, especially at work it’s “Jesus, Mary and Joseph!” which is funny because I never say it outloud.. but to myself, all the time.   
  • Bad Blogger:  I realized the other day when I was thinking of my favorite posts that I haven’t written anything I’m that proud of lately.  I STILL do not have a new laptop (since my bit the dust, ohhh I don’t know, 4 or 5 months ago!) still don’t like having to write on the desktop.  It’s just not the same.  I need to blog from the comfort of my bed.  Anyways, I feel like that blogging (and commenting!) will pick up when I get my new laptop, hopefully this month!  I can not wait!

Got any tidbits to share?



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8 responses to “I’m Bringin Tidbits Back, Yeah!

  1. most amazing weekend of my life. so many bloggers that couldn’t make it were so very missed! but, we’re planning another meetup in minneapolis in august and then another epic meetup next year. be there.

    also, don’t you live in Jersey? let’s hang out please!?

  2. I’m with you on the blogger meet up. I have envy too!!

    Also – I LOVE Myrtle Beach. Have fun!

  3. wish i could have been in vegas too!
    good luck on the online thing! keep us posted sweet lady:)

  4. Well we will just have to make a blogger meet-up happen so I can meet my first bloggie BFF! I missed you and wish you had been there on more than one occasion.

    Ah, I LOVE myrtle beach.

    If nothing else online dating is good for blog material =)

  5. I’m so zealous with the meet up too and curse the fact I’m way too far.

    But hey, at least you gonna go have fun at the beach 🙂

  6. Why do guys do it? Same reason the girl I called and left a message for to make coffee plans last week never called back or e-mailed. If you have the answer to mine, I have the answer to yours!

  7. yes, the next west coast meetup I am definitely GOING, no questions asked. I’m jealous of all the bloggers who went. 😦

    A weekend at the beach sounds excellent!
    Hah! Now I cant get SexyBack out of my head. Lol!

    Tidbit Tuesdays? I like it! You should definitely write more, I miss your posts.

  8. I am still not over missing out on Vegas. *cries into her Cheerios*

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