Tidbit Tuesday

  • The stars all aligned for our spontaneous Myrtle Beach mini vacation. The weather was gorgeous, the water was the PERFECT temperature, the friend we were staying with had off from work most of the weekend and we hit practically no traffic on the way down or coming home. So very, very successful trip. 🙂  Seriously, I think everyone could benefit from more spontaneoous vaca’s in there life.
  • Perhaps, it is not southern Maryland that is the land of crazies, rather it is College Roomie and/or me who attracts them.  Because boy did we meet a couple of crazies while we were there.  There was the bellig 40 yr old man who literally was air guitaring on top of me at the bar.  He even kept bumping into me and instead of oh, I don’t know, backing up he just laughed and said “haahaaaa, I’m like totallyyy air guitaring on you.”  Then there was the crazy 40 yr old surfer type DANCING HIS ASS off.  Of course, he had to talk to us.  “Did you two win the cute friends award or something?  No?  Well then, maybe the best smile award.”  Gotta love it.  Capped the night off with CR laughing in a guys face when he tried to kiss her and his brother tickling my face and begging for my number.  Only, us.
  • Has anyone else ever been flipped the p symbol while driving?  Let me explain that… I was waiting to turn left at a light.  It was one of those times where I could have probably gone but I hesitated and decided to wait for a longer break in the traffic.  WELL, Mr. Road Rage behind me starts beeping at me and when I look in my rear view mirror I see him screaming and making some sort of symbol with his hands when I realize that he yelling “P U S S Y !!” and the symbol is suppose to be a vag.  Um, wow, get a grip, dude.  Has this ever happened to anyone else? lol
  • I’m going to Jack’s Mannequin & The Fray concert on Friday and I”m super excited.  It’s pretty much getting me through this week.
  • My mind has a tendency to wander back to this while I’m stuck in my freezing office and all I want is my toes to be back in the sand: 


Hope everyone’s week is off to a good start. 🙂



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4 responses to “Tidbit Tuesday

  1. pink nails on the sand, how cute! I’m glad you had great trip! That weird dude is pretty creepy for me. lol

  2. The dude in the car… omg. That’s so freaky!

  3. The P symbol?? Who does that? That guy sounds insane!

  4. I WISH i had sand to bury my feet in.
    Glad you had a good weekend, well deserved I’m sure!!!

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