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Things That Are Making Me Smile Today…

Hearing my favorite song on the radio on the way to work (Taylor Swift – “You Belong With Me” in case you were wondering ūüôā )

Singing at the top of my lungs and dancing in my car to the above song all before 9am.

Arriving at my desk to find out that my manager is out today which means peace and relaxation.

It also means an extended lunch hour to get my nails done and free up my time after work. :0)

Knowing that in 6 hours I will officially be on vacation for the next 9 days!

The fact that I will be roadtripping it down to Myrtle Beach tommorrow and spending the week with the loves of my life! 

The idea of coming back with a great tan and plenty of blog material.

What has YOU smiling today?



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Why does my heart still want someone who is completely wrong for me?  Someone who does not treat me how I deserve?

Why does my heart still think he will change?  Why does it think he can change and be the type of man I want to be with?  

Why does my heart always seem to win in a battle versus my head?

Why is it still hard to ignore his text messages?

Why does my stomache turn to knots when I think about him with another girl?  Why do I still feel sucker punched when I see a girl flirting with him through facebook?

Why can’t I cut him out of my life?¬†

Why do we have to have mutual friends? 

Why¬†does he need to¬†be at every happy event surrounding my best friend’s wedding in the next two years?

Why can’t¬†the last bit of me thats holding on, finally let go?

Why can’t this story be over?

Why can’t the lingering stop?

Why can’t I just be stronger?



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I’m Da Bomb… or Maybe I’m Just Bombed

You know that moment?¬† The moment where you realize, oh holy hell, I’m really fucking shwasted…¬† That moment for me on Saturday night was when I literally fell into the wall when I got into the bathroom.¬† I literally toppled over and the wall had to catch me.¬† Banana and I looked at each other and I remember thinking this is not good... not good at allll…¬† That’s the moment I knew.

Molly told me she realized I was down for the count when I laid my head on the table of the bar… AT 10:30PM.¬†

“I looked over and your head was on the table and you said you were tired like you usual do at the end of the night….”

“Well Moll, it did in fact turn out to be the end of the night for me…”

I am nothing if not a damn good drunk texter… I actually correct my misspellings too..¬† I focus, I make sense… most of the time.¬† The message I sent to The Ex that night:

So drunk maced my friends leave cuz so opul


We took to train into the city and one of the girl’s made me a drink to have on the train.¬† Well, I guess it was strong and I chugged it like I was a girl of 18 in college again or something!¬† I’m an old woman of 24 now, I don’t know what the hell I was thinking.

Anyways, I’ll spare you ever detail of the night but I was only at the bar for an hour before I dragged Banana into the bathroom and was praying to the porcelain gods.¬† All the while telling Banana, MY BEST FRIEND, that I’m not usually like this… as if the girl who goes out with me all the time doesn’t already know that.

Anyways, it was funny the next day.. not so much that night.  Other than that thought, it was a great weekend.

Friday night saw some fireworks and went out for a couple beers after with some friends.

*     *     *     *     *

Random story from Friday night.¬† A good friend from high school, we’ll call him Pact was texting me all night wanting to meet up later that night.¬† A little back story (I’ll give you the full rundown later this week) we’ve been friends for 10 years and have never hooked up, however, there have always been some underlying feelings…¬† sometimes on my end and sometimes on his.¬†

Anyways, he has a girlfriend right now, but he was still hinting that this meetup would be more than platonic and that his g/f and him were pretty much done… I squashed that pretty quickly.¬† I don’t play that game.. if you have a girlfriend then you aren’t hooking up with¬†me.¬†¬†End of story.

Funny¬†enough, later on that night I was at WaWa getting a snack with my sister and who do I run into… but Pact!¬† So random, considering I haven’t seen¬†him in maybe a year and a¬†half and the one night we are¬†texting all night, we run into each¬†other.¬†¬†Of course I had to bust his chops and say he stalked me out. ūüôā¬† He wanted to¬†hang out later on but I was just too tired (by the time I got home it was like 2am).¬† Plus I was nervous that he would try¬†some funny business.¬† But I did tell him we could get together once he is back from vacation in a week.¬† So we shall see.

Anyways, all in all, a pretty funny weekend.

Hope¬†you all had a great 4th! ūüôā


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