New Boy, New Crazy

Hi bloggies, I’m back! and so is The Crazy.  Oh who am I kidding, The Crazy never really leaves me, it just lays dormant for a little while.  Anyways, I’ve been feeling a little nutty the last couple days.  Nutty over a boy.  Notice, I didn’t say smitten but nutty, as in I’m thinking so much, my brain might explode.

I’m not giving him a cute little name yet… I feel like it’s too soon for that.  So, I met him online… oh, and he just so happens to have the same name as The Ex, which is actually a lot more annoying than I anticipated it being!  The Ex’s name just holds so much weight to it, ya know?  I say that name and I think of him.  But when I talk about the new boy with my friends we just call him OK (because we met through OK Cupid lol) so that makes life slightly easier.

 So the new boy, well, I feel like he is just very genuine.  He is super sweet and nice, but a little on the shy side.  The thing is that while the first date flowed really well and I had a good time, I didn’t know how much we sparked.  Maybe I was thinking about it too much or maybe it’s the fact that he’s just so nice.  However, I did want him to kiss me at the end, which he did not!  (side note: end of date = awkwardness, unless you’ve already kissed earlier in the date)

So first date was on Thursday, second date was on Sunday.  He came over to just hang out since I had the house to myself.  We watched Beerfest (actually very funny movie) and then played a little Rock Band.  We ended up being all cuddly during the movie and the night ended which a couple cute kisses.  After he left, I found myself really happy but at the same time questioning things.  Do we have enough in common?  Is the chemistry enough?  Is there spark? 

I spent most of yesterday thinking about it.  I can’t help but notice that this is what I do with nice guys.  I look for reasons to run.  If a guy’s into me, I get freaked out.  If he acts uninterested or like a jerk, I’ll be dying to see him again.  But really, when a nice guy likes me, it’s almost like I don’t know what to do with myself and I become really critical of the situation.  I hate being like this.

The thing is that he contacts me just enough.  Not overwhelming but he is consistent.  He’s respectful.  He thinks about me instead of just himself.  He tries to plan cute dates for us.

And yet, is there a spark?  I don’t know! Is that bad?  Is what I assume a “spark” with the jerks just because its more difficult, more thrilling.  Is it actually just a figment of my imagination because I’m having to work to get a guy to like me? 

Tonight is our third date.  I’m going to his house and he’s cooking us dinner (+ 5 cute points)  I feel like tonight will be a big tell of whether something is really there or not.  I know I sound crazy and that I should just take about 100 chill pills and calm the fuck down but I just get nervous about these kinds of things.

So, I was just curious bloggy buds, have you ever had chemistry develop slower?  Have you ever been unsure in the beggining?  Does it usually mean something is not there?  Do you think I’m a whackadoo worrying like this?  Ok, Go!



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8 responses to “New Boy, New Crazy

  1. 1) When I met Irish, I knew I LIKED him, but I wasn’t sure of the spark. We are together 14 months later

    2) I’m in a relationship and I still sometimes push him away/resist simply because I’m still afraid. I get that. I think it happens at times. My mom who has been married to my dad for 29 years still has moments of picking fights or being a girl and insecure. I don’t think it ever totally goes away.

    3) Sometimes you have to open your mind, “let go, let flow,” and see what happens. Try not to overthink it (as hard as that may be) and just enjoy (again, I know it’s hard). Your heart & body will lead you down the right path with this guy (or any guy, for that matter)

    Enjoy the date! Can’t wait to hear some more =)

  2. cuteellaisbold

    So, I was just curious bloggy buds, have you ever had chemistry develop slower? ~Not really. Sometimes it just takes me a little bit to realize it’s there…

    Have you ever been unsure in the beggining? ~ALWAYS!!!

    Does it usually mean something is not there? ~Nope. It means I worry.

    Do you think I’m a whackadoo worrying like this? ~Nah, but worrying doesn’t accomplish anything so I try hard not to…

    Can’t wait to hear about more!

  3. This is so weird, I feel like I’m dealing with the same thing…except I didn’t want the guy to kiss me at the end of the date. Maybe if he had just gone for it I would have wanted it though…

    My point is, if you wanted him to kiss you, I think it’s definitely a good sign. I always have trouble liking nice boys, but I think we all need to work harder at it. Plus, if all of the nice girls stop going for jerks, maybe guys won’t be afraid of being so nice anymore…

  4. Gigi

    Literally going through the exact same thing! Mine is cooking dinner for me on Friday night, and it’s our 5th date. I have major trouble w/the nice guys, and I pick it apart mercilessly. Maybe it’s b/c w/the jerky guys, you get that stomach flip, the butterflies, and nice guys don’t leave you hanging like that? But I am trying, and I’m not going to push another nice one away. We can do this!

  5. oh, new relationship talk!
    i love this time.
    some people are totally gung ho that the sparks need to be there immediately, right away, for it to go somewhere.
    like nora, i knew i LIKED manfriend when we first met. he was cute and funny and we had fun together. i wasn’t sure if the sparks would follow.
    but instead of taking my usual escape route and jumping ship because of that, i rode it out.
    and im so glad that i did.
    the sparks DID develop over time. at a nice, good, comfy pace.
    those guys that ive had head over heels sparks with right off the bat? well, those relationships all ended, so that shows how that works out, for me at least.
    i say give it some time, live in the moment, enjoy the newness and all that comes with it, and see where it goes.
    there’s so much potential in this new stage- this time is exciting!

  6. Wow, my Best Friend is right: whatever this gift is is I have that has people who meet me suddenly meet someone in their own lives, I really need to find a way to bottle it and sell it!

    As for your question, I don’t know. I’ve been dismissed by women for not having “instant” chemistry, but I tend to try to keep my mind open on the issue. ‘Course, it’s been a while, so I’m not sure I remember exactly what chemistry feels like in the first place! LOL

  7. I’m with Nora and Brookem. I knew I liked the Boy right away, and it took some more time for the sparks to develop. At a good pace. I find the relationships where you fall the hardest the fastest also fizzle out the quickest. The ones where you take your time to get to know each other and let things progress at a bit slower level last longer.

  8. i am the same way! i question everything. i think it’s different for every couple. i would just play it easy right now, it’s still the third date. you still have lots to learn about each other. good luck! and how adorable is he for making dinner? so cute!

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