A Few Good Dates

Well, things with The Boy keep on getting better and better, so I decided I should do a little date recap. 🙂

Date #3

I went to his house and he cooked us dinner, a chicken stir fry that was delicious!  He admitted its practically one of the only good things he can make besides grilled cheese but I thought it was sweet he just made an effort to do something special like that.  So after dinner, we watched Role Models and got cuddly on the couch.

After the movie, we decided to go to his room to just watch TV and relax until I wanted to go home.  It was then, laying in bed all cuddled up nice and cozy, that I realized just how much I liked being in his arms, and just being around him.  There were times when we just layed there legs and arms intertwined in comfortable silence.  There were times of passionate kissing and there were times of just being goofy.  And around midnight it dawned on me I should really head home however, I really just didn’t want to leave!

Cute moment of the night as we were laying together in bed:

The Boy: So… not to be cheesy but…

Me: heh.. it’s okay… what?

The Boy: I’m just really glad I met you… *kisses me on the forehead*


Date #4

Two nights later Banana and I met him and his friend in Atlantic City.  We had a great time and we were super affectionate without being too nauseating to our friends, I hope lol.  I love that he is so affectionate and always so conscious of holding my hand or putting his arm around my waist.  It just makes me feel wanted and I like that.  🙂  It was also the first night he called me beautiful. 🙂  And since, he has made it a habit to remind me that he thinks it.

Date #5

We had plans to go to the beach on Monday night but late afternoon he texted me asking if I would want to come over and eat dinner with his parents before we went to the beach.  What I was thinking was NO, that’s scary! What I said was, what time is dinner? And it was good, they were really sweet.  It’s always nerve racking but I made it through. 🙂

Then, we got to the fun part of the date – going to the beach at night! My absolute favorite.  I love cold sand between the toes, it is amazing.  And the smell of the ocean and the relaxing sound of the waves crashing.  We laid down a blanket and got cozy.  It was so much fun but I had to give him a hard time for wearing sneakers because really, who does that?

Anyways, it was really nice and it gave us a great chance to just relax and talk and cuddle (if you haven’t noticed, we reallyyy love to cuddle lol)

Suffice to say, I’m a little bit smitten. 🙂  And those sparks I wasn’t sure about before?  They are most definitely there, along with the butterflies and all other warm, fuzzy feelings.



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11 responses to “A Few Good Dates

  1. J

    ooh sounds wonderful. Sounds like you both are really happy which is nice to hear! Nothing wrong with loving to cuddle either!

  2. i told you to give it a little time!
    this okcupid stuff is not to be underestimated!!

  3. Gigi

    Yeah!!! I am so happy for you!!! Keep us posted!

  4. awww, he sounds amazing!

  5. Hurray! I’m so excited for you!

  6. Yay! Good dates are the BEST! And I love it when Boyfriend kisses me on the forehead. That’s my favorite!

  7. This sounds just wonderful. I’m really happy for you, you guys sound adorable!

  8. Awwww it’s soooo nice to be smitten!

    He sounds cute, i love when guys talk romantically goofy and kiss on the forehead and stuff. So cute and memorable 🙂

  9. Aw, this sounds so great! Can I live vicariously through you?

    I love going to the beach at night too.

  10. HOORAY! I’m so excited & happy for you =) I’m assuming since you haven’t blogged lately that things are going well which makes me incredibly happy!

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