The Balancing Act

Life is all about balance.

It’s about deciding what is important to us, prioritizing and then planning our time accordingly.

Right now, the balancing act?  The prioritizing?  The deciding how to spend my days?  It’s getting a little tricky.

Things are good, don’t get me wrong.  It just seems like everything is really intense right now and I’m just trying not to drop any balls.  I have less than 4 weeks to study for the GREs. 4 WEEKS. And I’m only getting one shot at this so basically, I need to sacrifice a lot of time to study for the next month.

And of all times, NOW is when work decides to get ridiculously busy and stressful.

It’s funny how love, err, like tends to be inconvenient.  Of all the times for me to finally meet someone I’m crazy about, I don’t think right now is exactly the best or most convenient time.  However, I guess thats how it works sometimes, when we aren’t looking… blah blah blah. I promise I’m not complaining, I’m ridiculously happy but like I said things are just intense right now.  And intense, in the best way, as far as my relationship goes.  I feel like I can’t get enough of him but right now, I can’t be halting the rest of my life to see him all the time.

I’m just starting to feel the pressure of it all.  The pressure to find time for my Honey but not forget my friends, and find time to study as much as I need to.  To research the schools I’m going to apply to.  To keep myself focused on WORK when I’m at WORK.  And then there’s my family complaining that I’m tossing them aside.

If you ask me though, it seems that the aspect of my life that’s really falling to the wayside is my “me time“.  I guess something’s gotta give and that something appears to be that time where I just lay in bed and blog or read or just watch TV.

I think it’s important for me to remember that this is temporary.  I remind myself that studying for the GREs will only be 4 weeks.  That the whole initial application process will be over by January and that will free up some time and be a weight off my shoulders.

I guess the only thing to do is to embrace the craziness.  What else can I do?  I’m busy and stressed but so excited at the same time.  I’ve got a man who I adore.  I have amazing friends and family.  I’m both terrified and excited to go back to school next year (if I get in that is).  A new career path and maybe even a new town or city could come along with that.

So, yea things might be crazy and stressful and life might require some extra balancing, prioritizing and planning then I’m used to… but if that is my biggest problem right now? Then I’d say life is pretty damn good.



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4 responses to “The Balancing Act

  1. I think you say it best : embracing the craziness. The crazy studying will only just be 4 months, when stress ensues you have family, friends and your boy around. There’s always a time for them, just maximize your spare time to accomodate everyone.:) I’m sure you can do it!

  2. Well the good news is that all the intense things you have going on are great, positive things! We all know how it is to be newly in like/love and try to deal with everything that it encompasses and it’s not always easy. You’ll do just great on the GRE and I’m sure you’ll get into the school you want! Can’t wait to hear more about it (love the new layout, by the way) xoxox

  3. J

    That is a good attitude to have. I think it’s easy to forget that busy times usually end. I forgot that when I was studying for the bar exam!

  4. i totally agree, i have nO BLAANCE IN MY LIFE RIGHT NOW and it’s making me crazy

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