Randomness, I has it.

* I was out to dinner with one of my single girlfriends tonight and we were discussing her dating situation.  She, like me before I met the Boyfriend, has had a string of bad luck with guys.  As we were talking, I remembered a quote I often reminded myself of when I was feeling lonely and like no one would ever be able to love me (what can I say, I have a flare for the dramatic)

Six billion people in the world, six billion souls. And sometimes… all you need is one.

*  I would stop and think, all it takes is one person to change everything.  One person to understand me and love me exactly how I am.  Insecurities and all.  Someone who will love me despite my flaws.  Not everyone is going to love you, it’s just about finding that one special someone.  I believe that.

*  Today was kind of rough.  I NEVER expected to be so stressed out about applying to grad school.  The majority of the stress is coming from not knowing how I will pay for this.  My student loans already make me want jump out the window, I don’t think I can afford any additional payments.  The only solution – pray hard that I get an assistantship that will cover full tuition.  CROSS YOUR FINGERS EVERYONE!!!!!!

*  While we are on the subject, after lots of thinking and soul searching, I have decided to get my masters in higher education/student affairs with the goal of being a career counselor at a college or university.   I figure if anyone knows how confusing choosing a career/major can be, it’s me.  So I would love to help students figure out what they would really love to do.

*   I was terrified to tell my Mom about my plan though.  I never talked about what went down last year when I was thinking of going to school for school counseling.  My Mom did NOT react well.  Even told me she thought I would be bad at it.  Gee, thank you.  But she responded much better this year, probably because it was obvious I had thought this through very carefully.

*  I had a thought as I was walking to my car after work today.  It was freezing outside and the coldness was biting the exposed part of my feet and chest.  I tried to cover myself better and started wondering if it was ALWAYS so damn cold in October.  I thought back to when I was a little kid and Halloween would come around and I always wanted to just wear my costume with no long sleeve shirt underneath.  (I felt that it ruined the authenticity of the costume lol)  But you know my Mom would FORCE me to because it was usually cold.  I thought about how I’d be so busy running around, having fun collecting candy that I didn’t even NOTICE the cold.  I sort of long for that sort of care free feeling.

*  Approximately 2.5 seconds ago, I removed The Ex from my friends list on Facebook.  I needed to stop stalking him and his new g/f (who is 35 with 3 kids, who he apparently LOVES after a hot second)  I’m not sure how I feel about this.

*  And finally, now that Twitter is unblocked at work (yayyyy) I have a feeling I will be tweeting again so follow me if you would like!! 🙂





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6 responses to “Randomness, I has it.

  1. Ran across your blog on Chelsea Talks Smack. I feel ya on the not-so supportive mom thing. Glad she took the news a little better this time around. I told my mom last month that I was applying to a PhD program (a dream of mine that won’t cease unless I just do it)…her response to me was “what does this mean for the timeline of my grandchildren?”!! Half -joking, but still…really?!?Good luck with the grad school thing. We need people like you in our colleges that have the ability to help people “find themselves”. Sometimes I think it is impossible to be sure of what you want to be when you are only 18 years old. My path sure has changed since I graduated high school.

  2. I’m so very glad that you can tweet again! It makes me happy.

    Ugh, I remember when it was rainy during Halloween one year and my mom didn’t let me go out because she was scared I’d get sick =( I was bummed.

    I have fingers AND toes crossed for your grad school/assistantship (that’s a mouthful of a word) for you. I’m sure it will be great.

  3. J

    That quote that you love, I love it too. I heard it on One Tree Hill and I can’t seem to find if they originated it or took it from somewhere else. Love it.

    Another quote I love from One Tree Hill is

    “Every song ends, Peyton, but is that any reason to not enjoy the music?” (or something of that nature)

  4. walkingonsunshine18

    That quote about about the six billion people helped with my feelings of being single tonight! THANKS!

  5. I’m a little stressed about applying for grad school too. But we will do it and not only that, we will be accepted!

    Just want to keep the positive juices flowing. 🙂

  6. I’m glad you know what you wanna do in life and already find that special one 🙂 I think life obstacles wont be too hard when you have them to hold on to 🙂 I’m sure you’ll do well in grad school.

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