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Hello loveys, 20 Something Bloggers’ 6th Blog Swap is happening today and I was lucky enough to get paired with the very lovely Doniree.  You can find me over here at her travel & food blog, Nomadic Foodie, dishing about a few of my favorite NYC spots and other goodies.  While Doni is here telling us all about where to get some good food and beers (she clearly knows the way to my heart) in Minneapolis.

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Minneapolis – The Herkimer

Since LMO is taking over my Travel and Food blog, I figured I’d expose her readers to a taste of some awesomeness here in my hometown of Minneapolis-St. Paul, so that when you find yourself in these fine Twin Cities, you at least have a place to start your food and brew journey.

My recommendation is that you start your journey in the Uptown area at the intersection of Lyndale and Lake (or of hipsters and cool kids), at a place called The Herkimer.

It’s a brewpub that – you guessed it – brews their own beers.  Want to feel like a regular?  Don’t ask for a Coors Light.  Just ask what’s on tap right now, as they rotate their selection seasonally (for ulitmate freshness! and just to keep us guessing).

How I found the Herk:

I started playing co-ed rec (read: drinking league) softball with my college friends the year after we graduated.  The Herkimer happened to be the bar sponsoring the team we joined, so we’d belly up after game nights on Tuesdays and refuel with beers and burgers and [what’s been voted as the Twin Cities’ best!] french fries.

What it’s like

The atmosphere and staff have a somewhat alternative vibe, and a shuffleboard table lines the side wall in the back.  When softball season ends, we show up on Thursday nights in the winter and participate in the shuffleboard leagues.

And the music?

No live music, but it’s got my favorite jukebox ever.  Mostly because it’s lined with some good old Replacements albums, and as a Minneapolis girl – this, I adore.

The Herkimer has kind of become the Cheers among my college friends – not necessarily in that everyone knows our names, though some do – just in that it’s become our place, the default when we’re looking for a good, reliable place to get great food and beers.

What about you?  Where’s your Cheers?



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2 responses to “20SB Blog Swap

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  2. Burgers and french fries, I’m always obsessed trying them out in new places and see how they do it differently lol

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