Because I Heart Being Random on Fridays…

Thanks for sharing in my happiness of the last post – it WAS a fucking fabulous feeling. 🙂

Anyhoots, today was a bit of a doozy… you know how sometimes things build up inside of you and you don’t even realize it?  And then something small happens and all the sudden you are totally coming undone and sitting there like what just happened?  Yea, that was what happened at approximately 5:45pm.  However, it was nothing big and just a bunch of things related to still living at home, graduate school application stress, family stress, and the topper was basically having a hissy fit over the fact that my boyfriend and I never get any time to ourselves.  I mean, we do but not really because we both live at home and our parents both treat us like we are still in high school.  Anyways, more on that another day.

Onto happy things, because it’s almost Friday – woot woot.  My best friends and I were going to do our annual Secret Santa this year but then one of my friends had the idea to just do small $10-$15 gifts for each of us so that we could all exchange.  So, I thought about it and decided I want to get most of my stuff on Etsy and support my little crafters out there!  Here is what I’ve purchased so far:

I bought these two cutie cute necklaces from Bead Up

And this adorable wallet and hair pins from Your Wishcake

But I am definitely not done yet!  Do you have your own Etsy shop or know of one I should check out?  Leave a comment! Thanks 🙂

Let’s see what other happiness can I share?  Well, here’s my favorite pic from the engagement party on Saturday:

Also, please note, this is the face I insist on making when I’m drunk. One day I will make a collage of pictures of me making this stupid face b/c its that ridiculous lol.

And finally, my favorite quote of the week courtesy of a tweeting Rev Run:

A woman has got to love a bad man once or twice, to be able to be thankful for a good one – Marjorie Rawlings

Oh so very true.

Happy Weekend Bloggy Buds! 🙂



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5 responses to “Because I Heart Being Random on Fridays…

  1. Love the face! And is that your boy? He’s a cutie 🙂

  2. look at you two! wicked cute!

  3. nice picture, haha! i’ve been eyeing those hair pins for a while now, i love her stuff!

  4. You look great! Love the dress + hair.

    Check out; she has a etsy shop (Joyful Star, I believe) and some really cute earrings and other fun gifties!

    I’m also super pumped that we may finally get to meet in 2010! My Blog BFF & I united at last =)

  5. ria

    i make a face just like that when i’m drunk hehe

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