Because I had 14 minutes to spare at work…

I don’t normally like to talk about my dreams too much.  I don’t even enjoy hearing about dreams that much unless I’m being asked to dissect the meaning of them, which can be kind of fun.  But mostly, it’s always a bit anticlimactic – I mean, this stuff didn’t really happen so I’m usually just like “yea, that is a weird dream” and thats about it.  However, I had an interesting dream that I remember pretty vividly the other night.  And I’m gonna share it and you guys will probably be all “yea, that is weird” just like I usually say at the end of dream stories and move on with your lives, but I’m gonna share it anyway lol.  Cubie thinks this one is a bit telling of my inner secret thoughts.

So, the dream starts off with Boyfriend proposing to me.  I don’t even think it was suppose to be in the future, it was like now – just 3-4 months in, but I said yes and was happy, although I knew it was fast.  Then all the sudden it is another day and I’m on a deck in the summertime and The Ex comes up to me and gets down on one knee.  He starts to propose to me but when he grabs my hand, he sees the ring from The Ex and gets upset/mad.  He starts crying and keeps asking “Why? Why would you do that when you KNEW I was going to propose to you!?!” 

I feel bad and I’m shocked to see him showing EMOTION but I just look at him and say matter of factly, “yes, but why would I ever believe you?”

I give him a hug and tell him I’m sorry but I’m marrying Boyfriend. 

Then for some reason, I have a really quick wedding and it isn’t at all how I want it.  And my hair in particular is just AWFUL and I’m SO UPSET because you only get one wedding and mine is just terrible and not at all how I wanted it.  Even my Mom & sister tell me my hair looks like crap.

And then I woke up genuinely upset/relieved over this dream.  Mostly relieved that I didn’t really have awful, awful hair on my wedding day.




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3 responses to “Because I had 14 minutes to spare at work…

  1. I always dream about getting married. It kinda sucks, actually, since I know THAT’S not gonna happen anytime soon.

  2. i guess it’s not as weird as having a twilight dream. i seriously thought i was a member of the cullen family. and i woke up all confused and was all, whhaaa???

  3. Lol. poor thing. I hate vivid dreams like that. Mine are always crazy weird. I am married to the love of my life and couldn’t be happier and still have occassional dreams about my ex. It makes me feel guilty almost- even though I have no clue what part of my subconcious wrangles him up.

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