Five Hundred Twenty-Five Thousand Six Hundred Minutes

For me, 2009 was a year of self reflection, taking chances, opening myself up and letting go.

It turned out to be a pretty big year, but in a quiet way, maybe that’s why I didn’t realize it while I was going through it.  Nothing huge and dramatic really happened but somehow through new friends, a lot of self reflection and decisions, things are changing – I’m changing, life is changing, and it’s exciting and scary at the same time.  But don’t you think that is when the best things happen?  That exciting and scary feeling?  I think it’s a good sign.

I started off the year at a hotel party with a group of my best friends dancing my little heart out.  I didn’t have anyone to kiss at midnight but I was really okay with that.  Actually, I was more than okay with it because the year before I had The Ex to kiss at midnight and THAT night went on to be my worst NYE thus far in life (thanks to a giant fight w/ him, the jerkface!).  So I learned, having someone to kiss at midnight does not a great New Years Eve make.   But back to last year’s New Year’s Eve, right after the ball dropped “Walking on Sunshine” came on, which just so happens to be my theme song at work.  I couldn’t help but think that it might be a sign from The Universe that this year might just be awesome.

And looking back?  Well, it kind of was.  Of course, there was hard stuff…. there’s ALWAYS going to be hard stuff.  But there was lots & lots of really good stuff too and that’s really the stuff I remember the most.  I went on two awesome vacations with my best friends and had countless fun nights out.  I tried snowboarding for the first time and finally took some jewelry making classes!  But this year was less about what I did and more about what I learned.

The beginning of this year was filled with some…. interesting dating experiences, to say the least (you know, like the guy who whipped it out, Work Spouse, Meantime Man & of course, the last of The Ex) and as awkward/upsetting/ UN-FREAKIN-BELIEVABLE as some of those experiences were, I still wouldn’t take them back.  Because I learned from each bad date, from each disappointment, from each dating disaster and I filed away new information about what I do and DON’T want out of a relationship and a boyfriend.  Plus, let’s be honest – it made for some good blog fodder. 😉

But something that defined this year the most for me happened in the summer.  I reconnected with an old friend from high school, who I spent hours and hours getting to know again through conversations online.  He’s a deep, intellectual and introspective person and somehow through our conversations, I got to thinking a lot about my own life, my own thoughts and opinions, dreams and goals.  I started questioning things and ideas and beliefs I had my whole life and began to wonder if I’d been going through life with too many of my Mom’s opinions shaping the way I was living.  So, I vowed to make changes and to live life on my own terms.  I realized that if I kept living my life through my Mom’s eyes I would never be happy.  So, I made a big decision to apply to grad schools and to take a RISK!  Something I really feel like I haven’t done enough of in my life, mostly because my Mom tends to stress taking the safe route.  But I’m going after what I want and need to do right now.  I’m going after a new career path, one I feel passionate about and I’m giving it a try.  It is a risk – I know this but one that I feel is worth taking.

And then amidst all this decision making, self reflecting, growing and embracing who I am, something even more amazing happened.  I found myself talking to this sweet boy on OK Cupid and although I was pretty over the whole online dating thing, I felt like I should meet up with him.  At this point, my expectations were low and dating had really taken a back burner to the bigger ideas I had swirling around my head.  But it turned out to be one of the best decisions I ever made because four months later, I sometimes forget what my life was like without him.  And I don’t mean that in a bad, my relationship is my whole life kind of way… more like, he fits into my world so perfectly and he fills in these little gaps I didn’t even know existed and just makes my life that much sweeter.  He is not my everything or my only happiness BUT he is who I get to share my life, my happiness WITH – which is what I think I’ve been looking for all along.

I have a feeling that I will always look back on 2009 very fondly.  Something about the little moments, the little revelations, the little ideas, that ended up having a big impact on me. 

Love & best wishes to you all in 2010.




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18 responses to “Five Hundred Twenty-Five Thousand Six Hundred Minutes

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  3. Glad it was such a great year. And I comepletely agree- non kissing anyone when that ball drops is most definitely better than kissing the wrong one. Here’s to an ever better 2010!

  4. that is supposed to be not, not non. Oops

  5. What a great year you had! I love when the reflection makes you realize all the great things that have happened. Cheers to you and 2010!

  6. I just read your recaps of the guy showing off his goods to you and the whole guy friend situation.

    I can’t believe that that guy just pulled it out like that on a first date! Maybe he should sign up for another site instead of!

    As for your guy friend, I’ve been in a situation like that before and I just ended up getting hurt. I thought he wanted our relationship to be more than friends by his actions but in the end he really just wanted to be friends with benefits, which I’m not ok with.

  7. This is so beautifully written. I love this– “I’m changing, life is changing, and it’s exciting and scary at the same time.” That single sentence can pretty much sum up my year as well. I really do think that 2010 is going to be amazing for a lot of us.

  8. New reader and Twitter friend. Hiya! It’s so great about the boy. I’m excited about being single and finding someone worth spending my time with. Maybe I’ll look into OK Cupid. 😉

    I hope 2010 is even better than 2009.

  9. I think this makes FIVE very happy couples I know who met on OK Cupid, one of which is engaged. Love!

    Happy New Year 😉

  10. You’re so lucky 2009 was good on you, I wasn’t that lucky but I hope 2010 will be amazing 🙂

  11. Sounds like you had a much better 2009 than I did.

    Happy New Year and all the best for 2010. 🙂

  12. okcupid shout outs! yay!

    happy 2010 baby!

  13. Nothing like a little recap and retrospection to start the new year off with. You really had an amazing year and I hope this year is great for you!

  14. Heh – I’m glad SOMEBODY had a good 2009! All the best in 2010!

  15. I love this 2010 will be amazing. xo.

  16. Larissa

    sounds like 2009 had its ups and its downs, but 2010 will be so much more amazing (regardless of the downs), but thats what makes it all rather unexpected and exciting! i think you’ll do wonderfully! ❤

  17. Awesome year! 🙂 Hoping I find someone amazing on OKcupid!

  18. Just want to say your article is striking. The clarity in your post is simply striking and i can take for granted you are an expert on this subject. Well with your permission allow me to grab your rss feed to keep up to date with forthcoming post. Thanks a million and please keep up the ac complished work. Excuse my poor English. English is not my mother tongue.

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