A Little Venting..

You know what is insanely frustrating?  Being misunderstood and fighting with someone you love. 

I had a really great weekend but it ended quite horribly, with a big fight with my Mom.

Basically, she wanted to talk about my internship and the grad program I got accepted to.  She asked what my internship would involve and I told her all the different aspects to it and her only response was – “well, how would YOU know how to do that?”  Um, its called training, and you know, being in classes designed to learn to do this exactly!  Geez…

So we moved onto the whole financial aspect of it.  My internship pays my tuition and also provides a $7,000 stipend.  I would THINK that she would be happy about this, but instead she tells me I should be worried about next year and if they are going to all the sudden have to cut my stipend or tuition remission.   Anyways, she went on to ask a bunch of other questions like whether I will defer my student loans or not and what I want to do with my degree and what the salaries in this field are like.

But it wasn’t a conversation, it felt more like an interrogation.  There was no feedback, just question, a nice long answer from me and then she’d make a face and then ask another question.

Finally, I said “I don’t like talking to you about this because you are just always negative.”

And she flipped her lid. 

I pointed out how she never even said congratulations to me or really anything positive at all, pretty much throughout this whole process.  She countered that she said “good luck” before my interview and asked how it went afterwards.

Which, yes she did ask how my interviews went, I will give her that but she again had not a positive thing to say.  I told her about the program and answered a few questions she had and she didn’t have a single bit of feedback.  Except at the end when she said, sighhhh “I just wish the timing was different.”  (referring to the economy and the schools in our state having big budget cuts)

The thing is that I do understand that she is just worried about me and wants to make sure I am fully thinking this through.  My problem is the fact that she NEVER has anything positive to say to me about it at all.  If she would just act a little happy for me then I wouldn’t mind all the questions and the worrying.  But its like I waste my breathe answering her questions because she never has anything nice to say – all she does is just make these stupid skeptical faces.

And the part that really upsets me is that she says that it’s all in my head and that she isn’t being negative.  But I know its not in my head.  It’s just very frustrating.  She gets mad and says I never talk to her about anything but I feel like I can’t.  I’d rather talk to the people around me who are truly supportive and excited for me.  But of course she is one of the most important people in my life so I want to talk to her about school but she makes it so hard and she refuses to take any responsibility for that.

Anyways, I know this is probably not the most coherent post but I just needed to get it out I guess.  So thanks.

Update: I talked to my Mom when I got home and we smoothed things over.  She still believes that I had a preconceived notion that she is unsupportive of my decision which may be true to an extent but I also believe that she doesn’t realize the way the things she says come off to me.  Regardless, she did tell me she does think it is exciting and I finally got a little positiveness out of her.



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7 responses to “A Little Venting..

  1. I’m so sorry 😦

    It’s nice to feel supported…especially when you have such a great opportunity in front of you…and it’s your mom! While you do what her to bring up realistic and valid points, she needs to balance it out.

    Good for you, for telling her how you really feel! Hopefully she will take a little time to think about how it is making you feel and come to her senses!

  2. Leanne Behrns

    I’m glad you guys talked and got some positive comments. I went through the same thing with my mom. Even at graduation she said, “If you were to do it all again, are you sure you’d do it the same way? …Really?!”

    Parents try to ensure we think everything through and aren’t seeing the world through rose-coloured glasses. I think that sometimes they just forget to mention that they’re excited/happy for us at the same time.

  3. So your Mom is, basically, just like my Dad. Any idea or plan I have, he’s usually right there to point out the negative consequences, apparently not believing that I already am spending enormous amounts of time obsessing over the possible negatives.

    I know he, just like your Mom, is doing it because he cares but, still, it’s a pain in the arse sometimes, isn’t it?

  4. I’m glad things are better now but I can imagine how difficult all this would be! I’m so excited for you that you were accepted to the program and have an intership with money for you!!!! Fantastic.

    and sometimes moms are just a big pain in the butt but i don’t think they mean to be!? At least I hope they don’t.

  5. My parents can be like that too from time to time. They focus on what may go wrong, but basically it’s because their protective instinct.

    Congratulation for your internship though 🙂 it sounds fantastic.

  6. Allow your mother as she is, she may also be venting her worries. Just do your best and never allow any expectations to distort your focus. 🙂

  7. I think that it is awesome they gave you a scholarship and stipend KNOWING how bad the economy already is. That tells you they have their S**T together and really want you to be a part of their program. I feel like there has to be a deeper reason for her not being more supportive, but then again I’m way to over-analytical for my own good. I’m glad you got her to change her tune about it a little.

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