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On some bloggy things…

It’s Friday, ya’ll – FRIDAY!¬† Let the happy dance commence. ūüôā

My little love list on Wednesday never posted to Google Reader – what is that about?¬† G Reader, you got some beef with me?¬† I can take ya… I can – you better watch your back!

I’ve been wanting to change the title of my blog for awhile now… Little Miss Obsessive while it is true, I can obsess about things¬†– I find it a little bit negative.¬† Also I have run across too many other Little Miss Obsessive’s and the unoriginality makes me sad.¬† So if one day you pop on over and I’ve completely changed the name and blog title, don’t be surprised.¬† BUT I’m still mulling it over so we will see.

I’ve been thinking a lot about my little bloggy here and my brand – or well, lack thereof.¬† I’ve been thinking about what kind of blog I want this to be – you know, what my shtick is?¬† I’ve been hearing a lot about branding yourself and of course it does make a lot of sense to me.¬†¬†Blogs are more popular, it seems, when you can clearly define what you are all about and who your audience is.¬† But, the thing I’ve realized is that maybe “my thing” is¬†just being¬†me.¬† 100% me.¬† And maybe that is not the clearest, most defined direction for a blog but that’s what I want this space to be.¬†

I talk a lot about dating and relationships but would I call myself a relationship blog?¬† Not really.¬† I talk about other things like TV, fashion, my goals and dreams.¬† Some days I’m in the mood to be really positive but do I want to be an inspirational positive blog…. well, no because some days I want to just be honest.¬† And tell you that I’m sad or whine just a little.¬† I don’t want to have constraints.

I guess the thing I’ve come to realize is that I just want this space to be a reflection of all that I am.¬† I can’t only write positive because I don’t always feel positive.¬† I like to write about dating and relationships but I don’t want to only write about that.¬† So, I guess my general conclusion is that my only direction in this blog is being me.¬† Plain and simple.¬† And if you like reading about litle ole me, then thank you. ūüôā

Do you brand yourself as a certain type of blog or blogger?  If so, do you feel like it constrains what you write about?



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I’m Bringin Tidbits Back, Yeah!

Your suppose to sing the title to the beat of SexyBack… I’m sure everyone got that, I’m sure EVERYONE was thinking about that song right now, I’m¬†SURE I’m not a weirdo or anything. ūüôā

  • Vegas Blogger Meetup ENVY!¬† Oh sweet¬†Jesus,¬†I am literally so SAD I¬†missed out on this.¬†¬†I would have liked to meet¬†SO MANY of the bloggers who went.¬†¬†Ah, and it sounds like it was a blast.¬†¬†And I’m really¬†happy for the bloggers who did get to go but¬†STILL,¬†so effin jealous.¬†¬†But it really made me realize I¬†want to go to one of these¬†meetups and soon!¬†
  • Mini Vaca: College Roomie and I are going to Myrtle Beach this weekend!¬† We¬†literally planned it like yesterday, heh.¬†¬†We are¬†driving down late Thurs and coming back on Sunday so it will be short but fun.¬†¬†Hope for some good weather so I¬†can get my tan on. ūüôā
  • Dating, ahem or lack of dating:¬† I’m back at the online thing but nothing much to speak of yet.¬†¬† It’s really a jungle out there, for serious.¬† My friend went out with this guy and he was all “let’s hang out again this weekend.”¬† And she never heard from him again. WHY DO GUYS DO THIS!?
  • Randoms:¬† I keep saying¬†“ooof!” in my head¬†everytime something frustrates me today.¬† The other¬†day it was “grrrfach.”¬† Sometimes,¬†especially at work¬†it’s “Jesus, Mary and Joseph!” which is funny because I never say it outloud.. but to myself, all the time.¬† ¬†
  • Bad Blogger:¬†¬†I realized the other day when I¬†was thinking of my favorite posts that I haven’t¬†written anything I’m that proud of lately.¬† I STILL¬†do not have a new laptop (since my bit the dust, ohhh I don’t know, 4 or 5 months ago!) still don’t like having to¬†write on the desktop.¬† It’s just not the same.¬† I need to blog from the comfort of¬†my¬†bed.¬†¬†Anyways, I feel¬†like that blogging (and¬†commenting!) will pick up when I get my new laptop, hopefully this month!¬† I can not wait!

Got any tidbits to share?


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Updatey Doodle

This week seemed to fly by.¬† Work has been crazy – it’s year end so the days are busy and a little stressful but it makes it go by fast.¬† However, this also means that my Google Reader is pretty out of control because of my lack of blogging time at work these days.¬† Also, my laptop at home has decided to stop connecting to the network so I can’t lay in bed and blog like usual either.¬†¬†But I still heart all of you I’m just a little behind on my reading/commenting.¬† I’ll be visiting my friend this weekend so unfortunately the neglect will continue for a couple more days.¬† Forgive me. ūüôā

So some interesting things that have occured this week?  Well, for starters, Cubie got stopped as we were walking out of Panera and asked if she would be interested in auditioning for a part in a movie.  Now, Cubie does not give any guy the time of day and so at first I think we both thought he was just trying to ask her out.  But she seemed interested (in the movie) which actually kind of surprised me. 

He explained the plot of the movie and said he was going to Africa for a few months but they would be starting on the film when he got back.¬† To me, it sounded like a crock of shit especially when she asked him if he had a card and he didn’t.¬† He gave his e-mail address and told her to e-mail him if she was interested.¬† So we leave and discuss the fact that he must be Googled the second we get back to our desks.¬† Then it dawns on me….

“Cubie, can you even act?”¬†I asked, laughing.¬†

“Well, I can make myself cry but I don’t know if I’d call myself an actress.”¬†

“Well, do you have some hidden acting aspirations I don’t know about?”¬†

“No, but I have some serious modeling aspirations so I’ll take what I can get.”

We get back to work to find out that this guy is COMPLETELY legit.¬† I was floored.¬† He has an IMDB page with pics so we knew it was him and all these big movies and shows he’s worked on in the last couple years.¬† Pretty cool stuff!¬† So she e-mailed him at the end of the day and said she’d be interested in auditioning.¬† I thought about it afterwards and how I could never see that happening to me.¬† Then I realized that I don’t like being the center of attention so it doesn’t even matter, heh.

Let’s see, I’ve been talking to two guys from POF.¬† The first one we shall call, Surfer.¬† We talked a couple nights in a row on AIM for a couple hours each night and we seemed to get along well and have the same sense of humor.¬† Then, he asked if the next night (Wednesday) he could call me.¬† Err, crap, I knowww I should talk to these guys on the phone to see if we really can hold a conversation but I am soooo not a phone person.¬† But I gave him my number anyways and proceeded to be nervous about having to talk to a stranger all day on Wed.¬†¬† Finally he calls and I contemplated not answering but then I realized that was stupid and we ended up spending two hours talking.¬† So it was good =).¬† He also taught himself to juggle… plus when he was younger he named his cat my name so maybe it’s a sign¬†– haha, jk.¬†

The other guy, DK also just called me a little bit ago but he was about to drive home so he is suppose to call me when he gets back home.  We only talked for a few minutes but something about him put me at ease.  I like that. =)  Plus, he is a tennis player and I pretty much have a weakness for them. 

Anyways, we shall see.. it’s pretty fun just to have a couple of guys to talk to.¬† It’s exciting even if nothing comes of it.

Stay tuned… ūüėČ


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Poppin My Cherry… Meds

So I’m about to pop my cherry friends… my online dating cherry that is!¬† I have no idea what to expect.¬† Honestly, I’ve never been on a blindish type date… ever.¬† The only dates I’ve gone on have been with guys who were already my friend or coworker or guys I’ve met in a bar and spent all night talking to.¬† So basically, I’ve never headed into a date not knowing if there would be any type of connection.¬† But I also don’t really¬†have too many expectations for this adventure except to meet some new people and¬†learn more about what I do and¬†do NOT want¬†in a boyfriend.¬† But really, I’m getting ahead of myself because I won’t really be getting into this until after my cruise (which I leave for in 9 days) woot woot.¬† Ha yea, I really just woot wooted, forgive me.

So I know some of you guys have done the online dating thing and I want stories/tips/advice/anything!  What have you learned?  Funny stories?  Bigtime fails?  Success stories?  

**Like I said I won’t be really getting into the online dating thing until after my vaca so this got me thinking that maybeee some of you fantastic readers would like to share YOUR online dating experiences with me before¬†I go… in the form of a guest post?¬†¬†Do ya, do ya?¬† If you do, e-mail me¬†at¬†or leave a comment.¬† Or if you want to do a guest post¬†but not about online dating thats cool too!¬† Don’t be shy!! xo**¬†

In other news, I am SICK – ugh.¬† Tonsils- swollen, red.. gross.¬† I’ll spare you¬†all the¬†details but it sucks.¬† I hate the doctor but there was no escaping a trip this time¬†– I knew I needed some drugs.¬† So I left work a little early and headed to the dreaded doc.

As the doctor prepared to write me¬†a prescription she asked, “Do you have any preferences of medicine?”

Sheepishly, “Um, actually, can I have liquid? ¬†I can’t really swallow pills…”

“Oh! Um, sure..”¬† starts doing math on her paper, carry the one, multiply two, divide by four… what the hell is she doing over there?

“Sorry, I just have to figure out what the dosage would be and how many bottles it will take..” Clearly, it’s not every day¬†a 23 year old girl insists on taking liquid antibiotics.

So, I leave with my prescription and head to CVS.¬† I’m paying for the drugs cherry flavored antibiotics when the¬†pharmacist pulls out two choices for taking the medicine.

“Okay so, we have this:

which is really probably the best but then there is also this:

so, how old is the child who is taking this medicine?”

“Oh, um.. ha…¬†well, it’s actually… for me…”


“But I”ll take the spoon, thanks.”

Only me.¬† ūüôā


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If You Never Try, You’ll Never Know Just What You’re Worth

So, I haven’t written in over a month.¬† You see, it’s not that I didnt’ have anything to write about.¬† I have many¬†stories to tell from the summer; shoes were thrown, white water was conquered, boys were kissed.¬† Lots of thoughts to share, both silly and serious.¬† Plenty of topics I’ve obsessed over, yet I never wrote.¬† And yesterday, while I sat at my cube at work reading Hope Dies Last, I started thinking about what has kept me from writing.¬† And I realized exactly what it was…

I¬†fear I can’t measure up to my favorite bloggers and the way they engage me in their stories and the way they can articulate their thoughts.¬† It’s funny that I’m insecure¬†even though¬†I only have two readers. (yea, I’m talking about you Nat and Monkey Girl.. thanks for reading!)

So I thought about it some more.¬† This is one of my major weaknesses – low self esteem/ insecurity.¬† I started thinking about how much this stops me from doing.¬† I want to write a book one day.¬† I have always had that dream since I was a little girl reading Nancy Drew and The Babysitter Club books.¬† I wanted to be an author.¬† And now, I feel like I could write a book but I don’t think it will be creative enough, or funny enough, or original enough.

My insecurity stops me from going after what I want.¬† I’m not too forward with guys because I’m scared to feel rejected.¬† I delay¬†going back to school to become a counselor because I’m scared I will not be good at it.¬† I’m shy when I meet people because I’m scared they will not like me.

Then I realized that I will never get better at writing if I don’t start.¬† I will never get better at dating if I keep myself closed off because I’m scared of being rejected.¬† I will never get better at anything if I’m too scared of failing.¬† So it’s time to wake up and start writing, start dating, start living and stop being so damn insecure.


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