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For the First Time in a Long Time…

I feel happy being completely on my own…

I have things I want to accomplish and a plan to get them done…

The Ex doesn’t seem to have the same hold over me…

I see situations and people for exactly who they truly are…

I realize that I have issues I need to work out before I can be in a healthy relationship..

I am trying to focus on the positive rather than the things my life is lacking…

I am focused on making myself happy rather than looking for happiness in someone else…

I am looking for the positive perspective in every situation…

I really want to write and share with my blog friends again. ūüôā



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To the year 2008,

You have been quite the rollercoaster of a year for me.  And like any good ride, you were filled with ups and down and surprise twists and loops.

The ups were fun.  There were the good times with The Ex Рhe did make me really happy on occasion, you know.  Going to California with my girls in March.  A visit to SC to see CR graduate in May.  Having a lovely Christmas with my family.  And countless fun nights with my great friends.  The highs were good, they really were.

But what goes up must come down and there were definitely some¬†big drops¬†this year.¬† My mom’s surgery was a big one.¬† The kind of big drop that really scares you and makes your stomache turn.¬† And of course¬†the never ending drama with The Ex.¬† Our relationship twisting and dropping then raising so much it made me dizzy.¬†

But I liked you 2008, I did.¬† You were an emotional year but I feel like I’ve grown and I’ve come out stronger because of you.¬†¬† I’m happy to say goodbye¬†but I’ll always remember you.¬†

The truth is, I like rollercoasters, the dips make us appreciate the highs and looking back you were a good ride.¬† And I’m coming off this¬†one happy, healthy and looking forward to the next one.

Much love,

Little Miss Obsessive


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Tidbit Tuesday

Another Tuesday is upon us and you know what that means.. you get a few new tidbits about moi! 

  • I once taught myself to juggle using clementines just because I was bored.¬† I think I was a freshman in high school and I was grounded for bad grades.¬† I was bored after school with nothing to do so I grabbed three clementines and decided I was going to learn to juggle.¬† I practiced a couple hours and I eventually got the hang of it and I can still do it today.¬† Booyah.
  • I believe in a little thing¬†I like to call¬†“clothes kharma.”¬† I have a shirt that brings me good luck with guys everytime I wear it and I actually don’t even think its that great of a shirt!¬† But everytime I’d go¬†out in it I’d meet a nice guy¬†or find a cute makeout partner for the evening.¬†¬† Now, that I think about it, I should wear that shirt sometime soon.¬†
  • I have a dress I only wore once and will never wear again because it’s what I was wearing when The Ex and I broke up.¬† Normally, I like to give an article of clothing the whole “three strikes your out” rule but not with this one.
  • I can’t walk by a penny¬†(heads up) and not pick it up.¬† The rhyme ALWAYS pops in my head, “find a penny pick it up and all day long you’ll have good luck.”¬† I don’t even find it to be true but I just never want to tempt the fates.
  • I’m superstitious.¬† Oh wait, you mean you¬†knew that already?

Happy Tuesday lova’s ūüôā


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So Long Sweet Summer…

I am a self proclaimed Summer Girl.¬† I love the beach, getting¬†a¬†tan, my hair getting blonder, ice mocha lattes¬†and sun dresses.¬† Days lounging by the pool with a cold beer in hand and nights spent outside with friends.¬†¬†¬†However,¬†one of the¬†very best things about living in NJ is¬†getting to experience all four seasons.¬† And although summer is my favorite, there are things I love about each and every season.¬† I’ve found myself really excited to welcome the Fall this year and here are a few reasons why:

  • Pumpkin Spice Latte’s:¬† After spending all summer sipping on iced coffee, I always look forward to my first hot Pumpkin Spice Latte of the season.¬† On a chilly night, holding a hot cup of coffee and having some good conversation with my girlfriends is one of my very favorite things to do.
  • Uggs & other Fall Fashion:¬† I have a weakness… and that weakness is sweater dresses, leggings and Uggs.¬† Can you name a more comfortably cute outfit?¬† And Fall is the perfect time to rock this look.¬†
  • Fabulous Foaliage: I went to college in the south and while the palm trees were beautiful I missed watching the leaves change colors so much.¬† Especially driving up to my families in NY or Connecticut, the colors can just take your breath away.
  • Beautiul¬†Weather:¬† Especially lately the weather is just absolutely gorgeous.¬† During the day it’s perfect sweater weather and at night you only need a light jacket to stay warm.¬† The humidity of the summer is gone and the frigid cold of winter is not yet upon us.. it’s perfect.
  • Fall Air:¬† In the fall, there is a crispness to the air that reminds be of being a kid again.¬† It reminds me of hay rides and pumpkin patches and running through my neighborhood on Halloween.¬† It reminds me of the ice skating rink opening again and the many nights I spent with that cold¬†crisp air whipping¬†across my face during practice.
  • Fall TV:¬† It’s no secret, I can be quite the couch potato.¬† This Fall the shows I’m commited to are: Desperate Housewives, Brothers & Sisters, The Office and I think¬†Private Practice (saw it for the first time on Wednesday and loved it), I feel like my love affair with Grey’s is over, sadly.¬† Is there anything else¬†I should be watching?!¬† Let me know. ūüėČ
  • Fall Holidays! Halloween & Thanksgiving:¬† Halloween is just always so much fun.¬† Hayrides, pumpkin picking, haunted houses (even though I am such a scared little baby!), and dressing up for costume parties.¬† Then in November, we get Thanksgiving.¬† I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this but… I love to eat.. a lot.¬† But really, I also don’t get to see my whole family that often except for the major holidays so Thanksgiving is always exciting.¬†¬†¬†

Are you guys enjoying your fall?  Do you have a favorite part of this season? 

Side note:¬†thank you all so so much for the comments on the last post.¬† You guys are really amazing and I appreciate your positive words, and feedback so very much!! ¬†I can never decide how to respond to comments but I like when other bloggers answer everyone’s comments¬†by posting¬†a new comment on their own entry¬†so that’s what I’m going to start doing (or rather,¬†I started on the last post)


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I never really introduced myself on here.  So in my first official list blog, here are a few tidbits about me:

  • I have a vast pool of useless knowledge about pop-culture, especially movies, celebrities and tv shows.¬† Most of this knowledge is due to hours spend on IMDB, especially reading the trivia section of actors profiles.¬† I never cease to amaze my friends with the random¬†information I pull out.
  • My favorite TV shows are LOST (I choose to love both Jack and Sawyer if you were wondering), The Office, Friends and Sex & the City.¬† But seriously, if you don’t watch LOST then I suggest you drop whatever you are doing, go down to your local Blockbuster and rent Season 1, stat!
  • I lost my virginity last year at 22.¬† I had 3 other¬†best friends at the time who were also virgins (dubbed the V-Club).¬†
  • My athletic loves are Andy Roddick, Ryan Lochte, and Jonathon Horton (He won my heart¬†by the way he yelled “USA, BABY!” “We’re #1, YEAH BABY!” throughout the Men’s Team All Round Competition, too cute).
  • I have girl crushes on Mandy Moore and Blake Lively.
  • I am very emotional.¬† Sometimes, maybe too emotional but I wouldn’t change it because it makes me feel alive.¬† Whether I’m hurting or feeling over the moon happy at least I’m feeling.
  • I’m 23 and I really do not know what I want my life career to be.¬† I think about going back and getting my masters in School Counseling but I won’t go back until I am SURE that is what I want to do.¬† Sometimes I wonder if it fear that it holding me back.
  • I am convinced I am cursed when it comes to love/boys.¬† If a guy likes me, I don’t like them.¬† If I like them, they don’t like me.¬† And the worst part is that the SECOND I start to feel like maybe they are different, maybe¬†they DO like me, they stop.¬† It’s a nasty, vicious cycle.
  • I am addicted to reading blogs.¬† When I find one I like I start at the beginning and read it through like a book.¬†

Now, go ahead and share a random tidbit or two about YOU! ūüôā


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