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20SB Blog Swap

Hello loveys, 20 Something Bloggers’ 6th Blog Swap is happening today and I was lucky enough to get paired with the very lovely Doniree.  You can find me over here at her travel & food blog, Nomadic Foodie, dishing about a few of my favorite NYC spots and other goodies.  While Doni is here telling us all about where to get some good food and beers (she clearly knows the way to my heart) in Minneapolis.

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Minneapolis – The Herkimer

Since LMO is taking over my Travel and Food blog, I figured I’d expose her readers to a taste of some awesomeness here in my hometown of Minneapolis-St. Paul, so that when you find yourself in these fine Twin Cities, you at least have a place to start your food and brew journey.

My recommendation is that you start your journey in the Uptown area at the intersection of Lyndale and Lake (or of hipsters and cool kids), at a place called The Herkimer.

It’s a brewpub that – you guessed it – brews their own beers.  Want to feel like a regular?  Don’t ask for a Coors Light.  Just ask what’s on tap right now, as they rotate their selection seasonally (for ulitmate freshness! and just to keep us guessing).

How I found the Herk:

I started playing co-ed rec (read: drinking league) softball with my college friends the year after we graduated.  The Herkimer happened to be the bar sponsoring the team we joined, so we’d belly up after game nights on Tuesdays and refuel with beers and burgers and [what’s been voted as the Twin Cities’ best!] french fries.

What it’s like

The atmosphere and staff have a somewhat alternative vibe, and a shuffleboard table lines the side wall in the back.  When softball season ends, we show up on Thursday nights in the winter and participate in the shuffleboard leagues.

And the music?

No live music, but it’s got my favorite jukebox ever.  Mostly because it’s lined with some good old Replacements albums, and as a Minneapolis girl – this, I adore.

The Herkimer has kind of become the Cheers among my college friends – not necessarily in that everyone knows our names, though some do – just in that it’s become our place, the default when we’re looking for a good, reliable place to get great food and beers.

What about you?  Where’s your Cheers?



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Some Odds & Ends

Loveys, I have been exhuasted lately.  I can’t even form any full thoughts today so instead I’m just sharing a few odds & ends.  First, an interesting arcticle I read the other day:

I liked the idea behind this article.  That we should look for “relationships of shared virtue” or those people who bring out the very best in us.  Lately, I have been thinking about how The Ex brought out this nasty, crazy girl in me I didn’t like.  In contrast, The Boy makes me actually want to be a better person and at the same time, also makes me love the person I already am.  I think that right there puts a lot in perspective.

Next, a quote I read on this lovely lady’s blog:

If the picture doesn’t load, the quote is “Be with someone who knows what they have, when they have you.” Le love.

Lastly, a couple things that are making me all sorts of happy these Fall days:

Sam Adam’s Octoberfest & the fact that it’s getting cold enough out to wear my Uggs! 🙂

Do you have any odds or ends to share?!


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I’m Bringin Tidbits Back, Yeah!

Your suppose to sing the title to the beat of SexyBack… I’m sure everyone got that, I’m sure EVERYONE was thinking about that song right now, I’m SURE I’m not a weirdo or anything. 🙂

  • Vegas Blogger Meetup ENVY!  Oh sweet Jesus, I am literally so SAD I missed out on this.  I would have liked to meet SO MANY of the bloggers who went.  Ah, and it sounds like it was a blast.  And I’m really happy for the bloggers who did get to go but STILL, so effin jealous.  But it really made me realize I want to go to one of these meetups and soon! 
  • Mini Vaca: College Roomie and I are going to Myrtle Beach this weekend!  We literally planned it like yesterday, heh.  We are driving down late Thurs and coming back on Sunday so it will be short but fun.  Hope for some good weather so I can get my tan on. 🙂
  • Dating, ahem or lack of dating:  I’m back at the online thing but nothing much to speak of yet.   It’s really a jungle out there, for serious.  My friend went out with this guy and he was all “let’s hang out again this weekend.”  And she never heard from him again. WHY DO GUYS DO THIS!?
  • Randoms:  I keep saying “ooof!” in my head everytime something frustrates me today.  The other day it was “grrrfach.”  Sometimes, especially at work it’s “Jesus, Mary and Joseph!” which is funny because I never say it outloud.. but to myself, all the time.   
  • Bad Blogger:  I realized the other day when I was thinking of my favorite posts that I haven’t written anything I’m that proud of lately.  I STILL do not have a new laptop (since my bit the dust, ohhh I don’t know, 4 or 5 months ago!) still don’t like having to write on the desktop.  It’s just not the same.  I need to blog from the comfort of my bed.  Anyways, I feel like that blogging (and commenting!) will pick up when I get my new laptop, hopefully this month!  I can not wait!

Got any tidbits to share?


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Kreativity, They Haz It…

One of my new favorite bloggers, Miss Musing was sweet enough to pass on this award to me!  I need to rave about her for a minute – she is a great writer and I really always look forward to reading her posts!  So if you aren’t reading her yet, then get over there and check her out! 🙂


Here are the rules:

1. Post the award on your blog.
2. Pass the award on to five more other bloggers.
3. Post these rules for your recipients.

So here are the lovely ladies I’m passing this award onto:

Skrinkering Hearts  Brookem is the sweetest and her writing is just so sincere and genuine – I think that’s what I love most about her blog!

Accidentally Me  This lady has quite an interesting life and I’m always excited to read a new post from her!

Scarlett Off Course  Only recently found her blog but has quickly become one of my favorites.. always entertaining!

Live It Love It  Another new read of mine that I’m so glad I found!  And you gotta love her TMI Thursdays.

Little Miss Optimist – She’s going through lots of boy drama so of course I can relate.  She’s so sweet and another one of my favorite reads. 

Enjoy! 🙂

*     *     *     *     *

So, in other news, I’ve been in quite a funk since this weekend… nothing in particular happened, just a bunch of little things bothering me that equals a not so happy me.  And it makes me lose my motivation to blog because really?  I don’t want to turn into Little Miss Downer, Little Miss Pessimist, Little Miss Whiney Pants.  Okay, I keed but seriously, I’m hoping that this will just pass or rather I’m determined to pull myself out of this funk… so let me ask you my very lovely bloggy buds, when you get into a “funk” how do you pull yourself out?


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Warning! Handle with Care

Nora at Walking Through the Rain  did an interview with me that you can find here!  Thanks for featuring me girl! 🙂

One of my favorite posts I read today was from the lovely Miss Musing, who wrote about wishing that people came with warning labels. Her post really got me thinking about the guys I’ve dated and the heartbreak I might have saved myself if I got a look at the warning label first. But then I realized that The Ex really did wear his warning label – WARNING! CANNOT COMMIT!… he told me, he wore it, I just ignored it. It’s like reading that your favorite sweater is dry clean only and then throwing it in the dryer. Or in other words, it’s stupid and you only have yourself to blame for a shrunken sweater.

So what exactly would my warning label read?

Handle with Care
May exhibit jealous tendencies, always running just a few minutes late, a tad on the messy side, may shut down when feeling attacked, may sometimes let The Crazy take over, requires a generous amount of affection, forgives but doesn’t forget, may care too much or fall too hard, can be overly sensitive and emotional, likes to eat cookies in bed, may explode if provoked enough!

Hmmm… and I don’t have a boyfriend because…? 😉

Happy Friday!


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Sharing the Love, TV Talk & Other Randomosity

The other day, the very sweet and fabulous Brookem, gave me my very first blog award!  Her blog is one of my absolute favorites so if you haven’t checked it out yet then you better get over there stat! (especially if you love a sexy man with a good head of hair)

So, here’s the award and the rules:

1. The winner can put the logo on his/her blog.
2. Link to the person you received your award from.
3. Nominate at least 7 other blogs for an award.
4. Put links to those blogs on yours.
5. Leave a message on the blogs for the people you’ve nominated.

So, now it is my turn to share the love… but the problem is that I simply love too many blogs!  (sidenote: I totally need to set up one of those Google Reader things or something but I tried and I don’t get it!  helpppp!)  Anywayss, bottom line is I have way more than just 7 favorite blogs but rules are silly rules and I only get to pick seven.  And here they are:

KKT8’s Weblog

A Lil Irish Lass

Me Being Random

It’s like I’m… mmmagic

Long Red Cape

The Virginity Monologues

A Divorce Story

Each of these lovely ladies has really reached me with their writing and I’m very happy to pass along this award to them.  So, please check them out! 🙂

*     *     *     *     *

And in other news, I could talk about how I was a crazy ball of emotions yesterday or how I am doing a horrific job of quitting The Ex cold turkey but I’d rather talk about happier things.  Happier things, such as Thursday night – when The Office AND Grey’s come back.  WEEEEEEEE ::happy dance:: … okay, I’m done. 

Well, Helllo Jim! Hello McDreamy! and McSteamy! and McGeorge!  So good to have all my boyfriends back.

I have to confess… as a Grey’s fan I have slightly faultered.  I have not watched religiously for a couple seasons now.  At one point, there was pretty much nothing that could keep me from missing an episode.  It was just that good and I can tell you exactly when with two words (names, whatev):  Denny Duquette.  It’s kind of been downhill ever since they killed him off, no?  And it pains me to even mention the lowest of low, the almost death of Meredith aka a reason to bring Denny back.. oh lord, that was just weird.  But still, I love the show and I’m hoping for the best this season.  Plus, no matter where they go with the stories, I mean, there’s always Patrick Dempsey (and his gorgeous HOH, Brookem) to look at!

And The Office, well it is just my new favorite show.  I have spent weeks watching the DVD’s and catching up.  I have no idea how I didn’t start watching this show sooner…. halt, actually that is a lie.  See the previous paragraph.. I was too busy watching Grey’s to watch The Office.  But now, TiVo has entered my life. 

Oh, but seriously, where is my Jim?  That’s all I have to say.

And lastly, I also wanted to share this article:  The Nine Types of Guys to Get Over .. I found it really amusing because I know most of those guys and well, okay, maybe I have even dated one or two.


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If You Never Try, You’ll Never Know Just What You’re Worth

So, I haven’t written in over a month.  You see, it’s not that I didnt’ have anything to write about.  I have many stories to tell from the summer; shoes were thrown, white water was conquered, boys were kissed.  Lots of thoughts to share, both silly and serious.  Plenty of topics I’ve obsessed over, yet I never wrote.  And yesterday, while I sat at my cube at work reading Hope Dies Last, I started thinking about what has kept me from writing.  And I realized exactly what it was…

I fear I can’t measure up to my favorite bloggers and the way they engage me in their stories and the way they can articulate their thoughts.  It’s funny that I’m insecure even though I only have two readers. (yea, I’m talking about you Nat and Monkey Girl.. thanks for reading!)

So I thought about it some more.  This is one of my major weaknesses – low self esteem/ insecurity.  I started thinking about how much this stops me from doing.  I want to write a book one day.  I have always had that dream since I was a little girl reading Nancy Drew and The Babysitter Club books.  I wanted to be an author.  And now, I feel like I could write a book but I don’t think it will be creative enough, or funny enough, or original enough.

My insecurity stops me from going after what I want.  I’m not too forward with guys because I’m scared to feel rejected.  I delay going back to school to become a counselor because I’m scared I will not be good at it.  I’m shy when I meet people because I’m scared they will not like me.

Then I realized that I will never get better at writing if I don’t start.  I will never get better at dating if I keep myself closed off because I’m scared of being rejected.  I will never get better at anything if I’m too scared of failing.  So it’s time to wake up and start writing, start dating, start living and stop being so damn insecure.


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