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Oh hai…

I haven’t forgotten about ya’ll, I promise! I’ve missed you. I’ve been reading but slacking on the commenting, sorry about that but I have been trying to keep up with all your latest news!

Life has been crazy busy for me but very good, I’m happy to report. ūüôā

I recently finally buckled down and got myself on track to losing weight/getting healthy. I’m on the South Beach Diet and so far lost 6lbs. Woot woot! I have a longgggg way to go but I’m on the right track and it feels damn good, yaknowwhatImean? ūüôā

I went to a strip club with some friends and my Love last weekend. It actually made me fall even more in love with him. Definitely wasn’t really expecting that, ha. But when there are hot, naked girls right in front of your boyfriend and he is determined to let you know that you’re the only one he really wants.. well, hell – how can I not swoon a bit?

I officially have 2 months left at my job. My last day is June 25th. It’s not bittersweet… It’s all sweet. I can’t wait to leave and start this new chapter in my life!

Ok one more thing before I leave you:

Happy Tuesday lovahs!



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I’m Bringin Tidbits Back, Yeah!

Your suppose to sing the title to the beat of SexyBack… I’m sure everyone got that, I’m sure EVERYONE was thinking about that song right now, I’m¬†SURE I’m not a weirdo or anything. ūüôā

  • Vegas Blogger Meetup ENVY!¬† Oh sweet¬†Jesus,¬†I am literally so SAD I¬†missed out on this.¬†¬†I would have liked to meet¬†SO MANY of the bloggers who went.¬†¬†Ah, and it sounds like it was a blast.¬†¬†And I’m really¬†happy for the bloggers who did get to go but¬†STILL,¬†so effin jealous.¬†¬†But it really made me realize I¬†want to go to one of these¬†meetups and soon!¬†
  • Mini Vaca: College Roomie and I are going to Myrtle Beach this weekend!¬† We¬†literally planned it like yesterday, heh.¬†¬†We are¬†driving down late Thurs and coming back on Sunday so it will be short but fun.¬†¬†Hope for some good weather so I¬†can get my tan on. ūüôā
  • Dating, ahem or lack of dating:¬† I’m back at the online thing but nothing much to speak of yet.¬†¬† It’s really a jungle out there, for serious.¬† My friend went out with this guy and he was all “let’s hang out again this weekend.”¬† And she never heard from him again. WHY DO GUYS DO THIS!?
  • Randoms:¬† I keep saying¬†“ooof!” in my head¬†everytime something frustrates me today.¬† The other¬†day it was “grrrfach.”¬† Sometimes,¬†especially at work¬†it’s “Jesus, Mary and Joseph!” which is funny because I never say it outloud.. but to myself, all the time.¬† ¬†
  • Bad Blogger:¬†¬†I realized the other day when I¬†was thinking of my favorite posts that I haven’t¬†written anything I’m that proud of lately.¬† I STILL¬†do not have a new laptop (since my bit the dust, ohhh I don’t know, 4 or 5 months ago!) still don’t like having to¬†write on the desktop.¬† It’s just not the same.¬† I need to blog from the comfort of¬†my¬†bed.¬†¬†Anyways, I feel¬†like that blogging (and¬†commenting!) will pick up when I get my new laptop, hopefully this month!¬† I can not wait!

Got any tidbits to share?


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A Smorgasbord of Information :)

Hello, lovahs.. how are you?¬† I actually just recovered this post from last night which I typed out twice and thought I lost both times.¬† In reality, the reason I couldn’t locate it in my drafts was because I went to create a new PAGE instead of a new POST… total blonde moment. ūüôā

Anyways, right after I typed a sentence about how my Dad fixed my laptop, I lifted up my laptop only to hear.. CRACK…

Oh damn, the whole right side of the monitor part broke away from the keyboard (try to picture that for a minute, it’s NOT GOOD PEOPLE!)¬† I have it semi fixed now but ugh, just my luck.¬† I’m buying a new laptop and giving this one to my parents and Dad will NOT be pleased about this.

Anyways, hi, how are you?¬† It’s been awhile.

I am officially ending my bloggy hiatus.¬† At first I stopped writing when I was sort of dating Work Spouse, which was short lived.¬† Without going into detail right now, he ended up disappointing me like most guys do and it really did hit a nerve.¬† But I found myself not wanting to write about it.¬† I didn’t want to sound like a broken record complaining about my latest failed dating disaster.

So, I stopped writing and processed things on my own.

Which lead to where I’m at right now, which is content… no, better than content, I’m happy.¬† And I mean it.¬† I realized there are many things I need to work on before I’m ready to be in a relationship and so I’m focusing 100% on me and I gotta say, it feels pretty damn good.

You know what else feels good?¬† Sharing some tidbits so without further ado I’m bringing back Tidbit Tuesdays:

  • I’ve been battling with insomnia lately.¬† Actually, I went to California a week and a half ago and I think my body just never really adjusted back to East Coast time.¬† It’s super frustrating but LA was awesome!
  • I ran into Speidi on the street in Santa Monica!¬† I actually wanted to go up to the dastardly bastard with the flesh colored beard and tell him I thought he was a douche but I kept myself in check.¬† I bet some people really do things like that to them though.
  • My 14 yr old self’s dream came true when I found myself at the same bar as this guy…

  • Yes, that is my favorite member of NSYNC JC Chasez, heh.¬† However, my friends refused to allow me to go over and talk to him.¬† I should have just done it anyway!¬† Since when do I listen to them anyways.
  • Oh, which reminds me,¬† I also ran into Perez Hilton in AC about a month ago.¬† I’ve been quite the celebustalker, huh?¬† They told me not to talk to him either but I didn’t listen.¬† I moseyed on over to him and told him I read his blog all the time when I’m at work and I don’t feel like doing work… (shhh, its a secret)¬† Btw, Perez is awesome, he was so nice.
  • While in LA, I held a real Oscar (they are HEAVY!)¬† and met an Oscar winner.
  • I also had a gay man lick up his drink off my leg and then bite it.¬† I told Banana if I didn’t know better I would have thought he wanted me, heh.

Now, go on and share a tidbit or two with me!  I missed you guys!


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Tidbit Tuesday

Another Tuesday is upon us and you know what that means.. you get a few new tidbits about moi! 

  • I once taught myself to juggle using clementines just because I was bored.¬† I think I was a freshman in high school and I was grounded for bad grades.¬† I was bored after school with nothing to do so I grabbed three clementines and decided I was going to learn to juggle.¬† I practiced a couple hours and I eventually got the hang of it and I can still do it today.¬† Booyah.
  • I believe in a little thing¬†I like to call¬†“clothes kharma.”¬† I have a shirt that brings me good luck with guys everytime I wear it and I actually don’t even think its that great of a shirt!¬† But everytime I’d go¬†out in it I’d meet a nice guy¬†or find a cute makeout partner for the evening.¬†¬† Now, that I think about it, I should wear that shirt sometime soon.¬†
  • I have a dress I only wore once and will never wear again because it’s what I was wearing when The Ex and I broke up.¬† Normally, I like to give an article of clothing the whole “three strikes your out” rule but not with this one.
  • I can’t walk by a penny¬†(heads up) and not pick it up.¬† The rhyme ALWAYS pops in my head, “find a penny pick it up and all day long you’ll have good luck.”¬† I don’t even find it to be true but I just never want to tempt the fates.
  • I’m superstitious.¬† Oh wait, you mean you¬†knew that already?

Happy Tuesday lova’s ūüôā


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Tidbit Tuesday

I¬†always have fun when I¬†write the¬†Tidbits posts¬†so I’m thinking about making it a habit to have Tidbit Tuesdays!¬†


  • I am already SO excited for LOST to come back Jan 21st!!¬† Five of my friends and I get together and have LOST parties every week.¬† And yes, there are six of us so we call ourselves the “Oceanic Six” – I know, it doesn’t get much dorkier than that lol.¬† And we also all agree that our lives are a little bit brighter when new episodes of LOST are on. ūüôā
  • Seriously, Bella and Edward rank up there with my favorite fictional couples.¬† Right up there next to Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy, Jim & Pam, and Harry & Sally.
  • My Mom¬†finally came home last night¬†and she is very happy about it.¬† She’s recovering well and getting back to her old self.¬† When I got home from work yesterday¬†I gave her a call to find out what time she’d be home and she answered the phone in a very sad voice… “I can’t come home… Something’s not right…”¬† “What?!”¬† I felt the tears welling up when she yelled “I”M JUST KIDDING… I’M IN THE CAR.. I’M FREE BABY!!!”
  • I know that I didn’t¬†write about the election at all but I did vote and I am happy that Obama won.¬† It might seem silly to some of you but I did feel a little bad for McCain – I usually feel a little bad for the candidate that loses.¬† To put in two years of hard work towards your dream and then it’s just over?¬† It’s sad but still, that doesn’t mean I’m not happy about the outcome and I really hope that Obama lives up to all the expectations.¬† He’s given the country hope so that right there is a great start.
  • I’m really really trying to get back on track with eating healthy and working out.¬† The lovely Nora started an exercise support group and blog – No Mush.. check it out and let me or her know if you are interested in participating! ūüôā



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