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I never really introduced myself on here.  So in my first official list blog, here are a few tidbits about me:

  • I have a vast pool of useless knowledge about pop-culture, especially movies, celebrities and tv shows.  Most of this knowledge is due to hours spend on IMDB, especially reading the trivia section of actors profiles.  I never cease to amaze my friends with the random information I pull out.
  • My favorite TV shows are LOST (I choose to love both Jack and Sawyer if you were wondering), The Office, Friends and Sex & the City.  But seriously, if you don’t watch LOST then I suggest you drop whatever you are doing, go down to your local Blockbuster and rent Season 1, stat!
  • I lost my virginity last year at 22.  I had 3 other best friends at the time who were also virgins (dubbed the V-Club). 
  • My athletic loves are Andy Roddick, Ryan Lochte, and Jonathon Horton (He won my heart by the way he yelled “USA, BABY!” “We’re #1, YEAH BABY!” throughout the Men’s Team All Round Competition, too cute).
  • I have girl crushes on Mandy Moore and Blake Lively.
  • I am very emotional.  Sometimes, maybe too emotional but I wouldn’t change it because it makes me feel alive.  Whether I’m hurting or feeling over the moon happy at least I’m feeling.
  • I’m 23 and I really do not know what I want my life career to be.  I think about going back and getting my masters in School Counseling but I won’t go back until I am SURE that is what I want to do.  Sometimes I wonder if it fear that it holding me back.
  • I am convinced I am cursed when it comes to love/boys.  If a guy likes me, I don’t like them.  If I like them, they don’t like me.  And the worst part is that the SECOND I start to feel like maybe they are different, maybe they DO like me, they stop.  It’s a nasty, vicious cycle.
  • I am addicted to reading blogs.  When I find one I like I start at the beginning and read it through like a book. 

Now, go ahead and share a random tidbit or two about YOU! 🙂



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