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Kreativity, They Haz It…

One of my new favorite bloggers, Miss Musing was sweet enough to pass on this award to me!  I need to rave about her for a minute – she is a great writer and I really always look forward to reading her posts!  So if you aren’t reading her yet, then get over there and check her out! 🙂


Here are the rules:

1. Post the award on your blog.
2. Pass the award on to five more other bloggers.
3. Post these rules for your recipients.

So here are the lovely ladies I’m passing this award onto:

Skrinkering Hearts  Brookem is the sweetest and her writing is just so sincere and genuine – I think that’s what I love most about her blog!

Accidentally Me  This lady has quite an interesting life and I’m always excited to read a new post from her!

Scarlett Off Course  Only recently found her blog but has quickly become one of my favorites.. always entertaining!

Live It Love It  Another new read of mine that I’m so glad I found!  And you gotta love her TMI Thursdays.

Little Miss Optimist – She’s going through lots of boy drama so of course I can relate.  She’s so sweet and another one of my favorite reads. 

Enjoy! 🙂

*     *     *     *     *

So, in other news, I’ve been in quite a funk since this weekend… nothing in particular happened, just a bunch of little things bothering me that equals a not so happy me.  And it makes me lose my motivation to blog because really?  I don’t want to turn into Little Miss Downer, Little Miss Pessimist, Little Miss Whiney Pants.  Okay, I keed but seriously, I’m hoping that this will just pass or rather I’m determined to pull myself out of this funk… so let me ask you my very lovely bloggy buds, when you get into a “funk” how do you pull yourself out?



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Warning! Handle with Care

Nora at Walking Through the Rain  did an interview with me that you can find here!  Thanks for featuring me girl! 🙂

One of my favorite posts I read today was from the lovely Miss Musing, who wrote about wishing that people came with warning labels. Her post really got me thinking about the guys I’ve dated and the heartbreak I might have saved myself if I got a look at the warning label first. But then I realized that The Ex really did wear his warning label – WARNING! CANNOT COMMIT!… he told me, he wore it, I just ignored it. It’s like reading that your favorite sweater is dry clean only and then throwing it in the dryer. Or in other words, it’s stupid and you only have yourself to blame for a shrunken sweater.

So what exactly would my warning label read?

Handle with Care
May exhibit jealous tendencies, always running just a few minutes late, a tad on the messy side, may shut down when feeling attacked, may sometimes let The Crazy take over, requires a generous amount of affection, forgives but doesn’t forget, may care too much or fall too hard, can be overly sensitive and emotional, likes to eat cookies in bed, may explode if provoked enough!

Hmmm… and I don’t have a boyfriend because…? 😉

Happy Friday!


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Tidbit Tuesday & Bloggy Love

Yay!  The very lovely Me Being Random passed this little bloggy award onto me!  She is a sweetheart and if you aren’t reading her blog you need to head over there and check it out!

Superior Scribbler


So here are rules:

1. Post the award on your blog.
2. Link me for giving it to you.
3. Link the originating post here.
4. Pass the award on to five more deserving people.
5. Post these rules for your recipients.

I really hate only being able to pass it onto 5 other bloggers – I have so many favorites out there! But I suppose rules are rules so   d r u m r o l l   p l e a s e e e e …

Walking Through the Rain

Turquoise Ribbons

Everyday Adventures of Me in the City

The (Single) Geekhiker

Persona of a Princess

I love each of these blogs and I’m so happy to pass on this little blog award to them. 🙂

*     *     *     *     *


I’m pretty tired so just a couple tidbits for today:

  • I really, really wish I participated in BlogSecret, it was such an amazing idea!! I had so much fun reading all of the secrets- I’m not gonna lie, everytime I read one I would think hmmm do I know this blogger?  Who could it be?  But I didn’t figure out any of them – not that I tried too hard, the whole point was that people wanted to be annonymous so I tried to respect that and not even guess but I am just really curious in my nature!  Can’t help it!
  • I was surprisingly sad about the TRL finale the other night.  I mean, it was such a part of my middle school/high school years.  I would rush home from school, call up Bestest and we would talk (even though we just saw each other all day at school!) and debate who would be number one that day – NSYNC or BSB, Britney or Christina!?!  BSB actually performed on the finale and I got a little choked up.  It just reminds me of a more innocent and carefree time and I don’t know it’s just a little sad to think life will never be like that again.  Oh, also, Carson Daly was so much more in his element and likeable on TRL.  Have you ever tried watching his late night show – it’s actually pretty painful. 
  • So far there are two really easy ways for guys to turn me off in their online dating profile.  One – by putting a picture of you shirtless up, especially one with your head cropped out.  Even if you have an amazing body, it turns me off because it comes off really cocky to me.  Second, if you mention being good at sex (or even insinuate it) then I automatically assume that is all you are looking for – it might not be true but you have already lost me.  Dang, I’m being quite bitchy tonight aren’t I?  I think it’s time for bed.  🙂


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Not Me.

I am not a morning person – never have been, never will be. I am not very domestic. I am not much of a cook although I love watching the Food Network. I am not able to easily define or label myself but I like it better that way. I’m not always confident in myself even when I should be.

I am not as sweet and innocent as people seem to think. I’m not always patient, especially when I’m feeling tired or cranky. I’m not always as happy as I look. I’m not always good at returning phone calls. I’m definitely not always good with directions.

I am not a Mother – I am not a Wife – I am not an Aunt – I am not a Girlfriend.

I am not a fan of seafood, sushi, basketball or doctors offices. I am not a fan of liars, cheaters, people who are fake, ignorant or arrogant. I’m not a fan of debating over politics or religion.

I am not comfortable saying things behind a person’s back that I wouldn’t feel comfortable saying to their face. I am not comfortable being the center of attention… unless maybe I’m drunk. I am not comfortable in my own skin but I’m getting there.

I am not the type to deal well with feeling attacked. I’m not the type to give into peer pressure and I never have been. I am not the type who needs to be the first to finish a project or a test. I am not the type to do a job half ass, even something silly, like wrapping a present. I am not the type to open up to people easily.

I am not a girl with particularly thick skin – especially when it comes to dating. I am not a girl who can handle being a booty call or a friend with benefits. I am not a girl who will settle for anything less than butterflies. I am not a girl who will lose herself when she gets into a new relationship. I am not a girl who will ever forget the importance of her best friends. I am not a girl who needs to be in a relationship.

I’m not the type of girl who falls easily but when I do, I come crashing down. I’m not the type of girl who is secure enough to never get jealous. I’m not the type of girl who likes confrontations but I will stand up for the things I believe in. I’m not the type of girl to hold a grudge or the type of girl who can hide her emotions.

I am not one to fight over the petty things.

I am not one to just brush off hurtful comments.

I am not one to get over a broken heart easily.

I am not a lot things and they are just as important as the things I am.

** I’m also not one to take credit for someone else’s awesome blog idea – Big thanks to Brookem whose great nots post inspired me to write my own – now go read what she is not! 🙂 **


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Meant To Be Bloggy BFF’s…

This final guest post comes from another one of my very favorite bloggers – Ashley!  She’s just starting out on her online dating adventures too.. oh I think we should add that to the list!

Hi, everyone. This is Ashley from Turquoise Ribbons and I’m filling in for Little Miss Obsessive today while she’s away on vacation. Don’t you wish you were on vacation? Yeah, me too. I could really use a vacation right now. School has been in full swing for a couple months and there is no break in sight for weeks. I get two days off for Thanksgiving, but I’m not going anywhere fun. I’ll probably make myself a turkey dinner in the microwave or something. So classy.

Anyway, we’re getting off topic here.

So, you know how Little Miss Obsessive (LMO, duh!) shares her Tidbits, well I thought I would do my own little spin on it. Even though we are new bloggy friends, we still have a lot in common. Also, I just wanted to show you how LMO and I are meant to be BFFs.

For example:

LMO always makes sure to have a glass of ice water next to her bed every single night. I always have a glass of water next to my bed as well. Is this a weird sign of something? I hope not or we may be in trouble…

When LMO was growing up her passion was figure skating. When I was growing up my passion was ballet. Pretty similar, no?

LMO has OCD obsessions. I have many OCD obsessions as well. There are way too many to list, but believe me. OCD? I haz it.

LMO wants a love like Jim & Pam. I don’t know much about Jim and Pam, but I want a love- preferably one that meets all of these criteria.

LMO says she has not given nice boys a chance. Ditto. What is wrong with us? And nice boys? I’m ready for you! Please don’t all be married already!

LMO loves cuddling and kissing a lot. I’m such a cuddler it’s insane.

LMO has a hard time really opening up to people. I used to have the same problem, but being able to share my thoughts and feelings on my blog has really helped me open up.

One of LMO’s favorite movies is When Harry Met Sally. Although I didn’t see this movie until I was a freshman in college (I know, I know, how is that even possible??) it now has a permanent place on my All Time Favorites list.

LMO was obsessed with Heath Ledger. I was obsessed with Heath Ledger. How can you not be obsessed with Heath. All that hotness and the Aussie accent? *Sigh*

Now if those nine facts don’t mean we are meant to be friends then I don’t know what does. And freaders, I’m sure you have lots in common with us as well. Feel free to share. We can all be friends!


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It All Started with a Cricket…

The next guest post comes from one of my favorite bloggers ever, Nora at Walking Through the Rain.  And while these days she’s happily in love, here she talks about the frogs she had to kiss on the way to finding her Prince!

Little Miss asked me to guest post about online dating… which I’m more than happy to do but I thought about what pushed me into the online dating world. We need to take it back a bit, back to the year 2000 when I was still in high school.

I was one of those girls in high school. No, no, not THOSE girls, but the other kind. The girl who dates only one guy for most of her days spent in high school. The girl who inadvertently alienated her single friends because she was too busy being one of the “guys.” The kind of girl who had a framed 5 x 7 of her boyfriend on her desk in her dorm room when they went to separate colleges. Yup, that was me.

Not hard to see why it was a huge shock when after my 18th birthday my High School Boyfriend (HSB) decided to break up with me. On the phone. After seeing me all weekend.

My college roomie heard me sobbing in the hallway (I remember I didn’t want to interrupt her soap opera watching) of our dorm and literally had to guide me to bed. I couldn’t speak. I was panic stricken. The crying and accidental anorexia (I honestly didn’t have the energy or desire to eat) lasted for a solid two weeks until HSB called me to say he had a new girlfriend.

That night I got angry. Like, throw all of the presents he ever gave me, including jewelry, clothes and pictures, in the dumpster and then go run five miles on the track in the middle of the night angry.

And that, my friends is when the recreational drinking started. And coincidentally when I really started to date. This is a story of the first guy I kissed after HSB.

The following weekend my roomie and I ventured out in our Saturday night’s finest to a classic house party in the more alternative side of town. Think alternative meets punk meets rocker chic meets poet meets English major and that’s the kind of party we were at.

Save for a wine cooler here and there and champagne on special occasions I denounced drinking in high school, partially afraid to betray my parents trust, partially afraid of what the liquor would do to me and partially a bit of self-righteousness I suppose. This night I had beer. From a keg. I liked it. I liked it so much I had three or four 16 oz cups of foamy beer. I hung around the bonfire. I talked to new people. I even talked to a boy. Tall, lanky, wearing a page boy hat, holey jeans and Jesus sandals; most definitely not what I would have classified as my “type,” but he complimented me, told me I was beautiful, said he would take me out. Just the words I needed and wanted to hear that night.

I vaguely recall kissing him, vaguely recall bits and pieces of our conversation but the best part of the night, to this day is this brief conversation we had:

New Guy: “Hi, my name is Cricket.”
Nora: “Um… you mean like the insect?”
NG: “Yes, that’s right.”
Nora (I remember saying this, too, despite my friends laughing right out loud): “Did your mom like Charles Dickens? You sound like a character from a Charles Dickens novel!”

Cricket called me the next day and asked for me. I told him he had the wrong number. And so began my dating career. My sophomore year in college I was voted “Most Likely to be on a Dating Show.” My junior year I dated a great guy until I graduated and came back to the StL. Then I had a semi-serious thing with an Australian. And after him another semi-serious thing with a Workaholic. And after he broke my heart? Yeah, online dating, baby. I saw it as a safe way to meet men who were obviously interested in meeting women. Or at least, most of them wanted to actually meet… others were obviously interested in only one thing. You know what I’m talking about. From there I met an array of men. Here’s a random sampling:

Model Guy: slept with 63 women.
Cat Boy: our date lasted all of 20 minutes.
I’m actually engaged boy: enough said.
Bruno the Tall Italian: ditched me for a blonde.
The teacher: Tried to take me home on the first date and Napoleon complex.
Over Waterer: After one date he emailed, sent egreetings and texts every day, five times a day.
The Bartender: turned out to be an alcoholic.
The Ben Affleck Look Alike: Played one too many mind games with one too many girls at a time.
The Artist: Baby, broke and cheated on me.
The Chiropractor Student: Wouldn’t let me have male friends.

That’s honestly just the tip of the iceberg.

The best part about all of these horror stories? Looking back, I wouldn’t trade these experiences for the world. They’ve all helped me figure out what I really want in a man, who I really want to be, and proclaim the motto I still use to this day: “You never know unless you try.”


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From Online to All Mine

Well, as you all know – I didn’t actually make it on my vacation.  However, I had three very lovely ladies write guest posts for me and they deserve to be published!  This first guest post is brought to you by the very lovely and sweet Princess Extraordinaire from Persona of a Princess.  I happen to think it is an amazing story and I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did.

There are many things synonymous with dating, but in early 1995 the internet was not one of them…at least not to me. Ironically enough I was practically living on the computer as I was frantically writing what would later become my first published book on women’s health issues. It was only for research and references that I sought the internet for assistance. Never did I think I would find a date, let alone love online.

I began to dabble in *chat* rooms after I became sober – and even then I went in without expectations. At that time the tales and woes of online chat rooms were far and few between so I looked at it as just another opportunity to give and get the support I was seeking. Over the period of about three months I became friendly with another individual and soon we began taking our conversation to private IM’s as opposed to the public forum. Within a short time we came to regard one another as friends who seemed to share a mutual understanding. Never did he make any gestures or inferences to indicate he was looking for anything but friendship. It was only after another six months passed that we actually exchanged phone numbers. By that time I knew that he was a divorced father of two living and working in Southern California. I knew his general background and interests as well as a few, more intimate details of his journey to, and through, sobriety. After talking with him via computer for 6 months and phone for 2 of those I began to feel a more-then-platonic connection. By then I had become used to our casual banter and was put at ease by his soft yet masculine voice. What is wild is that we never exchanged photos. It seems odd but neither one of us thought particularly much of it as we were too busy getting to know one another. Looking back I can honestly say that I began to fall in love with him through our communication – nothing more. It was love in the purest form as when the time came for us to meet in person I had no expectations and no issue with that.

While talking late into the night, he kidded that he would fly up to meet me the next morning. I lived in San Francisco and he in Orange County. I surprised him when, all kidding aside, I told him to come. He booked the next flight up. Waiting for him to come off the jet way was surreal. There I was waiting to meet a man I was deeply in love with yet I had no idea what, or who, to look for. We intentionally decided not to exchange pictures as we wanted to genuinely surprise one another. And I swear this to be true till the day I die that I knew exactly who he was when he disembarked. He looked up and smiled at me and something beyond explanation drew me him and only after we embraced did I dare to exhale. He stayed the weekend. Thereafter he flew up every other weekend and flew me down on the opposite ones. Three months later he proposed and one year later we got married.

On October 25th we celebrated out 12th wedding anniversary. Next year we’ll celebrate our 13th and 19th sobriety anniversaries, respectively.


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